Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today has been a much better OP day. I have really tried to make good choices and not let things get out of hand. The kids and I went with Emma's kindergarten teacher to a shelter downtown tonight. We took dinner down there. Of course, I had made a pan of pasta big enough for an army. My boys were bummed because I didn't let them get seconds like they would have at home. Since I cooked, I could estimate how much I was eating...always a bonus.

On the way home I had to stop and pick up a prescription. I knew they were all still hungry, so I grabbed two packs of those Dreyer's Dibs Ice Cream Bites. I just had 5...and that was still 2 points. If I'd realized how much that was going to be, I would have waited and had one of my WW treats after the kids all went to bed. Now I have that icky, too sweet feeling in my mouth. I'm over by 2 points today, but I have been running my legs off all day. According to my pedometer, I've earned those 2 points back!

So here's what I've eaten today. Last night I did eat some of my moose munch bar from my Easter basket. I added it in to my daily plan manager. I really think I am done eating for the day. Maybe some more water and a little diet Coke?

1/4 medium banana-0.5
yogurt parfait (made with frozen mixed berries, nonfat plain yogurt and a little Kashi GO LEAN crunch cereal)-3.5

Luna Sunrise bar-3

1 cup carrots-0
1/2 small apple-0.5
Honey wheat braided twists pretzels-2
turkey "muffin" (1 pt english muffin with fat free mayo, turkey, lettuce and tomato)-3

3 cups plain oil-popped popcorn-3

1/4 slice whole wheat zucchini bread-1
baked pasta-7.5

5 dibs ice cream bites-2

Food POINTS values total used 26

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