Monday, April 23, 2007

monday, what have I done to myself?

What was I thinking last night? Great OP day...good choices most of the day. Then I make ham for dinner the night before WI? OMG!!! I'm up like 1 1/2 pounds since yesterday morning and I know it's just from the salty ham. ARGH!

So here's yesterday's menu. I was a little ticked at myself last night so didn't even post or read any blogs. Hoping for a good WI today...we'll see!

1 c Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch Honey Almond Flax with nonfat milk-4.5

soy crisps-2

2 burritos with fat free refried beans, salsa and reduced fat sour cream-4
1/2 banana-1
WW chocolate swirl cookies-2
WW chocolate mint patty-1
(sweet craving would NOT go away)

few bites of Emma's cereal snack-2 (estimate)

ham, about 4 oz-6
(kept picking as I cleaned up the kitchen)
green beans-0
brussells sprouts-0
salad with free veggies and fat free Dorothy Lynch salad dressing-2

WW passion fruit sherbet/ice cream pop-1

1 comment:

CaRoLyN said...

Don't let it get you KNOW it's because of the salty salty ham! Water retention!!!
Your menu looks sooo yummy!
Good luck and keep up the great work!