Sunday, April 29, 2007

sunny saturday (updated)

Last night ended really abruptly for me. I wasn't much interested in dinner so didn't eat just tried to feed the toddler some spaghetti. Then I got a nasty headache all of a sudden. The lights were bugging me...the noise from the kids was getting to me...then I thought I was going to throw up. At that point I knew I was done for. I went to bed about 7:15 for the night.

Today I have made some good food choices and some not so good ones. I'll put in my day so far and come back with an update before bed. I also have to brag that I did get up and get in a 30 minute walk this morning. That earned me 2 AP's!

cranberry bagel with a little reduced fat schmear-7
couple more bites of Kelli's bagel-2

slice of leftover pizza-8
(really wanted another slice but I had Trey put it away before I could indulge any more)
salad with 0 point stuff and light Honey Dijon dressing (YUM!0-2

potato soy crisps and green olive/cilantro salsa-2
(new purchase yesterday and very the tang of the green olives!)

boca on english muffin-2
tomato with a little reduced fat feta-.5
baked potato with salsa and reduced fat sour cream-.5
leftover birthday cake-6

TONS more birthday cake-12

The rest of the cake is now in the freezer...though I would probably eat it frozen if given the chance!!! UGH!!!

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Kate said...

Congrats on the AP's! I got some of those today too, and I'll be getting a ton tomorrow, very excited.

As far as the bad food choices, don't sweat it, hopefully you made it through the day A-ok!