Sunday, April 15, 2007

so tired last night

I didn't post my menu because I was just pooped last night. I did well with eating though. I was in the mood to munch a little yesterday afternoon, but I went grocery shopping instead. That worked well. Sounds strange, but it did. Instead of sitting at home and munchiing, I was at the store planning all the great things I can eat this week!

For dinner we had steak ( I had a little 2 oz piece), cauliflower, salad, and artichoke. Yummy. But even that much red meat upset my stomach. I just can't tolerate red meat well anymore.

We are having dinner with a bunch of friends tonight. The hostess is a fellow WW'er so she always helps me to make good choices. It's easier when you are together. I'm taking chips and dip...totally off limits to me since I will GORGE myself if I even start in on them. I'm also taking a low point southwestern pasta salad.

I'll try to post my menu for today later!

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