Friday, December 28, 2007

didn't make it

Last night went sadly awry. It started with a "taste" of the scalloped potatoes and ham I had made. Then there was a piece of cornbread and a cookie and a bite of fudge.

The cornbread has now been washed down the kitchen sink. (are you proud kathy?) And today has been great. It's nearly dinnertime and I still have 10 points for dinner. I have had 96 ounces of water today too. I've had 5 servings of F/V and one dairy serving so far.

I am getting back on track. Today I sat down and made a list of some of my accomplishments in the last year. Look for those when my kids stop fighting over the crispix and after I get a diaper on the 2 yo who just "peeped" in his spider man underwear!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

so far so good...

...but I'm not in bed yet either!!!

I have done much better today at staying OP and not just shoving stuff in my mouth because it was sitting there.

OK, so I did some of that too, but not so much of it.

I made the WW veggie soup and had that and cottage cheese for lunch so that was filing and low in points. I went grocery shopping today with my middle daughter Emma. Totally was hungry but I got good things. I got soy crisps and cheesy rice cakes. I haven't had those around in a long time but I know they fill that snack attack. I haven't been buying them because they're kind of junky. Then again so are BBQ potato chips. ahem...

And I got some frozen veggies with sauce and some with low fat cheese sauce. The whole container is 2-3 points and it totally fits the bill when I want a mini meal but don't want to cook. The veggie soup does that for me too, but with zero points.

Hopefully I can navigate the rest of the night without an issue. Or digging into the chocolate since the waffles and cornbread I munched on have left me no wiggle room. In so many ways I don't want to go to WI on Saturday. It's my last WI of maintenance so I will start Lifetime the next week. But I know I am way up. And my regular leader won't be there. Plus I want to stay in bed and read a magazine.

Gotta think about that...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Diego and chocolate

Those are the 2 words that best decribe my little guy's Christmas this year. The other kids stayed out of the chocolate and candy mostly...they had a little but nothing like the 2 year old! Then there was mama.

I started Christmas morning eating an entire package of Godiva dark chocolate covered almonds. They were soooooo good!!! But probably not the thing to eat at 7:30 in the morning after getting 5 hours of sleep. I ate tons more chocolate throughout the day. And scones. And just random junk. That was after I ate tons of Christmas cookies on Christmas eve while we did our last advent reading.

I FEEL ICKY!!! Today I have tried to jump right back OP. It's hard though when I just want to eat food because it's there. Where is my will power and my "think first" mentality? It's amazing how out of kelter I got by just letting it be a free for all for a day and a half.


Friday, December 21, 2007

eating my way back up

This morning the scale said 153. Not a bit surprising since I ate my way through my afternoon. I hate it when I run out of dailies at 2 in the afternoon. I just made crappy choices all day yesterday. Today I am shooting for an OP day!

Skinny Guy made a good point about CORE vs. FLEX that I think I will try in January. Eat only CORE foods (mostly anyway) but treat it like FLEX with tracking all of my points. That would have sooooo saved my butt yesterday!

Kids are clamoring for their special first day off from school breakfast. Better get on that!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

the unexpected

I spent Monday night making sure my digestive system was sufficiently cleansed. Tuesday I ate mostly dry cereal and banana with a little PB toast thrown in. I drank a lot of ceffeine free diet coke (I know-what's the point of that?!) and hardly any water. I did have 1 piece of Papa Murphy's chicken mediterranean deLite pizza for dinner.

Yesterday morning I had a NASTY headache from the dehydration. So I guzzled water. I ran around all day between work and grocery chopping and taxi-ing the kiddos and then baking to get all the gifts ready for teachers, too. I admit I had too many cookies in the afternoon. There were 3 of them in fact.

But what did the scale say this monrning? Exactly what it said yesterday morning. 149.8 Yep, The crazy 140's!!!

I can't believe it. I'm not planning on it being permanent because I am seriously taking a few days off next week for the holidays, but I haven't seen a number in the 140's for almost 20 years.

Who'd a thought I could ever get there?!!?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

tummy troubles

What is the deal with me this fall? I have had more tummy troubles this fall than I think I have in the past few years combined. I was up most of the night running to the potty. ugh!!!

I'm feeling better this morning, but after my banana and toast I'm feeling a little "gurgly". Gotta take it easy I guess!

Life is just busy around here getting ready for the holiday next week. I've been really trying to make good choices while out shopping. I've packed nuts and fruit leathers or raisins and granola bars for the kids. That has made it easier for me to eat some of that stuff or one of my bars. Really having all the kids in tow does make it easier in some ways to stay OP. To buy us all some junky snacks or dinner is expensive. And I can't very well just get some junk for mama and tell the kids to eat their packed snacks.

Feeling rambly so I'll wrap it up. I have been reading my week 1 book again this week. I am really considering going to CORE in january. On maintenance instead of 35 WPA I would have 63 WPA. That's an average of 9/day. That's a lot of non-CORE foods. I may try it for a while. I think it would be pretty easy once I decide to go there. Then I'm sure I'll have some more adjusting of my plan/hunger signals/eating habits to tweak.

What are your thougths on CORE vs. FLEX?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

quick update

I was in the greatest mood going to WW this morning. It was COLD outside so I couldn't wear my capri-ish running pants. I actually put on a pair of sweats. And it is TOM...but I felt so great about how I had eaten all week that I had no worries.

I was down 1 pound from last WI. Yep, this is maintenance. I am loving that. And I was so excited to get the new materials!!! I'm such a WW nerd. I am a little bummed that I haven't had the time to just sit and read it all from cover to cover. How lame is that! LOL

Today has been a hard day. We went shopping for a big chunk of the afternoon. We actually took all 6 kids and the in-laws to Toys R Us. What were we thinking?! We split up and got a lot of our shopping done today. That's good since it was really just the first day of it! We are a little behind this year.

Then we grabbed a quick lunch around 2:30 at Wahoo's. I really tried to make good choices...chicken tortilla soup and a grilled fish taco. According to DWLZ, my lunch had 4.5 points. That seemed really low so I added another point into that. Then we came home to rest and move to the next thing, working for hubby, more shopping for the in-laws and baking for me.

I haven't done so great tonight. I have been eating just because and munching on my baking. Not had enough water either. So now I am feeling just stuffed and gross. And totally craving more cookies. What is it about junk that makes us want more and more and more?

Anyway, I have some crafty stuff to do...and some online shopping to do too. Just wanted to post quickly that I had a good WI. Only 2 more weeks and I get my Lifetime status. Woo-hoo!

Friday, December 14, 2007

another way WW has changed me

I've already posted that this week has been a stressful one. I am still a little bit of a mess. TOM has shown up again so that's not helping either.

Yesterday, I just felt like a mess. I know it was one of those days where in the past I could have eaten all day long. What did I do yesterday? I was active...don't get me wrong. No big workouts here, I just did laundry all day. But I know how easy it would have been to sit on the couch and play games on the computer and munch all day long. But I chose to DO something so I actually felt a little accomplished at the end of the day.

Another thing...and this is a biggie! I really didn't eat a lot yesterday. Just meals and an afternoon snack. I finished dinner with 3 DPA leftover and I haven't used all my WPA this week either. So when I finally plopped down on the couch last night to watch mama's TV. I wanted something. OK, I admit it, I wanted ice cream and chocolate. I really thought of just grabbing the container and taking it back to the couch. Even as I walked to the fridge I thought that. Instead I grabbed a little bowl, crumbled a brownie bite in the bottom and THEN because I didn't want to get out the ice cream scoop, I used my soup spoon to just scoop a little ice cream into my bowl. It was about half a cup. I went back to the couch and was totally happy with my snack. It was enough.

Instead of a huge ice cream binge, I just had a sensible serving...and it was enough. Big changes indeed!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

yesterday was successful!

Yesterday was one of those crazy mom days. Thankfully my MIL was here so I didn't have to take the little ones with me every time I left the house, but I was out and about 6 times in the course of the day between running people to school (either because of weather or Emma missing the bus AGAIN!), trip to the doctor's office (Clay spained his ankle really badly Monday afternoon and I wanted to make sure it was nothing more severe), a milk run (those 3 gallons from Friday finally ran out!) and 2 different music lessons (one was a makeup since Clay was "injured" Monday afternoon).

In the midst of all that I also shoveled the snow from the driveway and sidewalks, did some laundry, unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher, vacuumed, made lunch and dinner and planned my meals for today. AND I stayed mostly OP! Until the evening when I plopped down on the couch with the container of blueberry flax granola. UGH! Totaly mindless munching at that point!

So yesterday came together like this
B-raisin bran muffin (early while we watched the news to see school delays) (3)
handful of cereal (1)
bagel and lite cream cheese (after shoveling for 26 min) (6)
S- 1% cottage cheese-1/3 cup (1)
L-chicken enchilada casserole (5)
salad with lite italian and tiny bit of RF feta (2)
S-alternative bagel (on the grocery store's clearance rack so HAD to have one before I threw it in the freezer) (1)
1% cottage cheese with pico de gallo (1)
100 cal pack of sunchips (2)
D-raisin bran muffin (3)
frozen veggies with low fat cheese sauce (3)
S-granola (8?)

points=35-2 AP's=33 DPA=27, WPA used=6
water=`104 oz
diet coke=64 oz

OK so looking back I was totally carb heavy and snack happy and drank a lot of diet coke. But considering the day I'd had, I think that was pretty great. It would have been soooooo tempting to go through the drive through on one of those trips out...but I really stayed close to within my points. Maybe I am getting this maintenance thing!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Better weekend

This was a busy weekend and I didn't always know what our family meal plans would be, but all in all it went pretty well for me foodwise. I won't go back and do menus from the weekend for you, but I really stayed OP pretty well considering we went to a candy factory on Saturday and a Mom and Me cocoa, cookies and crafts party on Sunday! And Saturday we walked around a lot and I was either carrying Jack (28 pounds) or Kelli (45 pounds) half the time. Love that bulit in strength training. My in-laws have been here, too, and I am sure they think all I do is cook and clean my kitchen when I am at home.

I guess throw in a little laundry, vacuuming and picking up of toys and that's about right! LOL

My meeting on Saturday was really great. My leader had us do one of those WW worksheets-the one about storyboarding. She asked "what is your goal for January 2? Write that in the starburst box...then the steps to get there in the other boxes." It really is different now being at my goal weight. I really feel like I am still trying to figure out the whole maintenance thing mentally. I know how to do the plan, but how do I see myself and what is my relationship with food?

My goal is to weigh in at 153.? that first week of January. That will be my first time to weigh in as a lifetime member, too! So what do I do to get there? I've realized a huge thing for me. If I start my day by drinking 32 oz of water while I wash my face and put in my contacts and get dressed, I will get tons of water in. If I don't have a TON first thing in the morning, water will be a struggle all day long. And when I am not drinking like I should I don't eat like I should.

So my #1 thing is to start every day with my 32 oz of water. Next I need to plan my meals and snacks for each day and make sure I am within my DPA. I'm not sure if I will have to do that every day for the rest of my life or not, but I know right now I still need to do that to stay OP. And I need to save my WPA for SPECIAL things. Just because I made fresh muffins for breakfast does NOT count because I do that at least once a week!!! LOL I really need to work on deciding when a treat is really OK and when I should just abstain. I can go without if I decide that's what I need to do. But my "just a few nibbles" easily turns into a binge if I let it.

I also plan to go to my meetings. And really be aware of what I am eating and when I am eating and why I am eating.

B-bear mush with protein powder (4)
nibbles and picks of cornbread (5-oops!)
S-yogurt smoothie (1)
persimmon (1)
L-Healthy Choice panini (6)
few nibbles of pineapple (0)
S-blueberry/flax granola (5)
planned for
D-Kate's chicken enchilada casserole (4)
salad with FF Dorothy Lynch (1)

points used 27/27 WPA
water=128 oz
diet coke=58 oz

Saturday, December 8, 2007

weigh in today

I just have a sec this morning, but I wanted to say I lost 2 pounds this week. Considering all the out of whack days I had this week, I am totally pleased with that! I think part of last week's big gain was water retention but I also know I didn't do as well with the rest of the week as I could have. Did that make sense?

Anyway...just a note before we head out to Hammond's for their candy cane festival. My kids are already making me crazy and they haven't even had any sugar yet! And my in-law's are here for a lengthy visit so we are all heading out as soon as hubby gets out of the shower.

Big news with WW when they start new materials tomorrow. Am I a total WW geek because I want to go to another meeting tomorrow morning so I can check it all out?

I've realized that WW is my haven. It's a little spot in this world that is all for ME! No kids, no hubby, no pressures I can't rise to. Thank God there's some place like that.

I don't have time to post yesterday's food, but I was thinking of you all when I ate yesterday and I really felt good about what I ate. I even made these YUMMY chocolate mint cookies yesterday. I didn't lick my fingers too much (not very hygenic! eww!) but I did have ONE cookie when they were all done. Two points of heaven. And I drank about 24 ounces of water just before I ate my cookie and then another 8 after I ate my cookie (I usually drink 32 in one sitting). It was great. I had one cookie, but I felt STUFFED and I got to enjoy that full feeling and yummy cookie taste in my mouth all at the same time. Totally felt like I had just binged on cookies but without the sugar crash later. I am totally a sicko when it comes to my food nueroses, huh?

Friday, December 7, 2007

finally an OP day

Yesterday I actually stayed OP all day, I didn't have my afternoon binge and I did great with my water, too. Actually I have been doing really well with water this week. When I am not eating well I don't always do well with water, but this week I really have been drinking it all.

Anyway...thanks for all your ideas about how to deal with the munchies. I do write out a plan for meals and snacks for the day, but then lately I've just been adding to that!

Kathy suggested that maybe I record it here for your reading pleasure. There's that accountability that comes with knowing someone else will read what you ate. And I know you are all just beside yourselves with anticipation about what I eat. (Actually there is some weird superiority thing about reading how CRAPPY other people eat! Or is that just me?!) So I thought "maybe I should record what I eat each day...I'll start doing that Monday". Wait, isn't that crazy bad diet mentality? So here's what I ate yesterday. I was trying hard to stay OP after not doing well for days and days. I am still sick. And I didn't eat yesterday with the mindset that you would be reading it today. :o)

B-multigrain pancakes with PB2 (3)
frozen pumpkin waffle from the weekend (2)
L-chef salad with little ham, shredded cheese, hardboiled egg, spring greens, pea pods, green onions and pico de gallo (5)
few bites of the kids mac and cheese (2)
S-pumpkin spice muffin (2)
D-few bites of beef and pork from leftovers (3)
huge sweet potato with cinnamon and Brummel&Brown spread (6)
wallaby lowfat maple yogurt (3)
1/2 biscuit (2)
S-mini brownie (3)

points 31/27 (I have NO WPA left but I still went further into the hole!)
water 112 oz
diet coke 68 oz *blush*

How does that compare to my "plan" for yesterday? I meant to have cheese for my morning snack, but just got busy so I added it to my salad. I was going to have a half pita with my salad, but kept nibbling on the mac and cheese. BTW, it was Amy's organic mac and that's not SO bad, right? LOL I didn't plan on the biscuit for dinner, but it looked so good. And after dinner I just wanted something dessertish. I didn't want a skinny cow, so I had the brownie thing. They are mini muffin size so it could have easily been 1 or 2 bites, but I made it into 6 or 8 nibbles.

I do try to stick to my DPA of 27 and WPA of 35.

Kids are screaming...better go deal with that! :/

Thursday, December 6, 2007

so off plan

Not sure what the deal is with me lately. But this week has been really hard to stay OP. I start my day well and with good intentions, but then something happens in the afternoon.

I have been feeling so bad with this cold, too. I haven't been exercising in the mornings and that leaves me lacking energy for the day. Then I think I'm trying to eat myself into feeling better.

Not working.

Snacks are my problem right now. I'm just doing too much snacking. So my plan for the day is to stay in control of my snacks...and maybe go hungry a little too. I have just been eating TOO much.

I'll let you know how the day goes.

Monday, December 3, 2007

another before and after pic

I can't believe I did that

Last night was our 3rd night out in a week. For someone who typically prepares EVERY SINGLE meal she eats in her own kitchen, this has been huge! And what am I so shocked about? I actually did the "mentally divide all the food on your plate in half and only eat that" trick.

I have never ever done that before, but I did it last night. I did eat my entire salad, but it was a tomato and mozzarella salad. Basically, 3 thick slices of tomato topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic and chopped herbs. No oil, only points come from the cheese. And I ordered a chicken breast with rice and sauteed greens. It was a pretty light entree anyway, and I saved half for today.

Oh, and I skipped the appetizer. It was a bacon wrapped shrimp covered in BBQ sauce and there's some jack cheese in there too. My good friend LOVES them and orders them as her entree every time we go to that restaurant. They are just OK to me...and I know there's a lot of points going on there. So I saved my points for my salad. Much more worth it to me.

I had tried to eat light all day and save up points for the night. I think I went over my daily points by 2 yesterday. Not bad for a fancy dinner out!

Now before you start cursing me, let me tell you I am OUT of my daily points for the day. I couldn't think of anything to pack for lunch today so I just threw in 2 pieces of cold pizza from Saturday night (when I used about 20 flex points!!! but totally worth it!) and some fruit. Then there was the bites of the kids doughnuts at the grocery store while we ran in to grab milk. And some waffle this morning after I already had my breakfast. So not a stellar day today. I still need to eat dinner and make it through the afterschool munch time. I'll be using some flexies for that I guess.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

a year ago today

I joined WW wearing these jeans!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

the benefits of weighing myself daily... that the HUGE gain I saw today at WI doesn't really alarm me. I got on my bathroom scale this morning to see 159. Yep...I gained 3 pounds overnight. We went to a crab boil at the neighbor's and I think the "boil" they used was a LOT salty. I only had 2 crab legs and some spinach salad (sans the bacon, cheese or nuts) and a tiny little chocolate for dessert. The wine was FLOWING too, but I stuck to my water. This morning my wedding ring was tight and I just felt puffy all over.

So I'm not terribly freaked about that gain. One of me fellow WW'ers who is down to only 2 more WI's till she's lifetime was a little shocked for me I think. She has only gained ONCE since she started WW last spring. She has lost about the same weight as I have, too, but much quicker. I wonder if she can maintain that level of self-denial forever. You know what I mean...Life happens. We overdo it on occasion. How do we bounce back from that? Do we consider ourselved "cured" from our fatness once we reach lifetime or do we really think of this as a lifestyle change that needs to be permanent?

OK...sorry. This is supposed to be about me. So I gained big this week. I admit it was a less than stellar week. I got overconfident thinking I could just eat whatever and be OK. I had lots of high point days and no really strict days. I did have 2 parties this week, too. Instead of being super vigilant all the other days, I just kind of let it slide. And I felt lousy so I tried to feel better by munching.

Today is a new day. I really tried to refocus yesterday, too. I have today to stay OP. Tomorrow we are going to a nice dinner with some friends (their treat---even better!) and I have already checked out the menu online to see what I would like to order. The good thing about upscale dining is that you can make a few more requests of the kitchen without seeming so high maintenance. But I need to stay OP all week, too, and remember that I can't munch all afternoon AND have a holiday cookie or two.

Call me a work in progress. Guess that's why they give us 6 weeks of maintenance before we get the magic lifetime status, huh?