Monday, December 3, 2007

I can't believe I did that

Last night was our 3rd night out in a week. For someone who typically prepares EVERY SINGLE meal she eats in her own kitchen, this has been huge! And what am I so shocked about? I actually did the "mentally divide all the food on your plate in half and only eat that" trick.

I have never ever done that before, but I did it last night. I did eat my entire salad, but it was a tomato and mozzarella salad. Basically, 3 thick slices of tomato topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic and chopped herbs. No oil, only points come from the cheese. And I ordered a chicken breast with rice and sauteed greens. It was a pretty light entree anyway, and I saved half for today.

Oh, and I skipped the appetizer. It was a bacon wrapped shrimp covered in BBQ sauce and there's some jack cheese in there too. My good friend LOVES them and orders them as her entree every time we go to that restaurant. They are just OK to me...and I know there's a lot of points going on there. So I saved my points for my salad. Much more worth it to me.

I had tried to eat light all day and save up points for the night. I think I went over my daily points by 2 yesterday. Not bad for a fancy dinner out!

Now before you start cursing me, let me tell you I am OUT of my daily points for the day. I couldn't think of anything to pack for lunch today so I just threw in 2 pieces of cold pizza from Saturday night (when I used about 20 flex points!!! but totally worth it!) and some fruit. Then there was the bites of the kids doughnuts at the grocery store while we ran in to grab milk. And some waffle this morning after I already had my breakfast. So not a stellar day today. I still need to eat dinner and make it through the afterschool munch time. I'll be using some flexies for that I guess.


CaRoLyN said...

I'm so proud of you! You could have easily used the "fancy restaurant" excuse to have whatever you wanted (especially with someone else paying!) but you didn't. You stuck to your plan and you did fantastic so you should be proud!

Thanks you SOO much for calling me out today. I think I really needed it. At first I was like...hey.. wait a minute but then I got thinking, she's SO right!!!! What AM I going to do about it??? Thank you for that. I really needed that accountability today. This weekend I am going to plan out my flex points and I'm going to do it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Law student said...

Yay for staying OP last night! I've never mentally divided the food on my plate but hoping that one day I'll get there.

Hope the rest of the day went well.

Kate said...

Good Job Noelle. Never ceases to amaze me how busy you are, but how good your tend to stay OP for the day! It's great that you ate well at the Fancy Restaurant, doesn't it make you feel better when you don't walk out of a place stuffed? I enjoy it much more that way!

And dividing your food in half is a great idea. I do the same thing, except I actually physically divide my food in half. I don't care if people I am with think I'm crazy, it helps me stay thin!

Appetizers and bread used to be one of my favs....I don't touch them many calories/points from it that is totally unnecessary.