Monday, December 10, 2007

Better weekend

This was a busy weekend and I didn't always know what our family meal plans would be, but all in all it went pretty well for me foodwise. I won't go back and do menus from the weekend for you, but I really stayed OP pretty well considering we went to a candy factory on Saturday and a Mom and Me cocoa, cookies and crafts party on Sunday! And Saturday we walked around a lot and I was either carrying Jack (28 pounds) or Kelli (45 pounds) half the time. Love that bulit in strength training. My in-laws have been here, too, and I am sure they think all I do is cook and clean my kitchen when I am at home.

I guess throw in a little laundry, vacuuming and picking up of toys and that's about right! LOL

My meeting on Saturday was really great. My leader had us do one of those WW worksheets-the one about storyboarding. She asked "what is your goal for January 2? Write that in the starburst box...then the steps to get there in the other boxes." It really is different now being at my goal weight. I really feel like I am still trying to figure out the whole maintenance thing mentally. I know how to do the plan, but how do I see myself and what is my relationship with food?

My goal is to weigh in at 153.? that first week of January. That will be my first time to weigh in as a lifetime member, too! So what do I do to get there? I've realized a huge thing for me. If I start my day by drinking 32 oz of water while I wash my face and put in my contacts and get dressed, I will get tons of water in. If I don't have a TON first thing in the morning, water will be a struggle all day long. And when I am not drinking like I should I don't eat like I should.

So my #1 thing is to start every day with my 32 oz of water. Next I need to plan my meals and snacks for each day and make sure I am within my DPA. I'm not sure if I will have to do that every day for the rest of my life or not, but I know right now I still need to do that to stay OP. And I need to save my WPA for SPECIAL things. Just because I made fresh muffins for breakfast does NOT count because I do that at least once a week!!! LOL I really need to work on deciding when a treat is really OK and when I should just abstain. I can go without if I decide that's what I need to do. But my "just a few nibbles" easily turns into a binge if I let it.

I also plan to go to my meetings. And really be aware of what I am eating and when I am eating and why I am eating.

B-bear mush with protein powder (4)
nibbles and picks of cornbread (5-oops!)
S-yogurt smoothie (1)
persimmon (1)
L-Healthy Choice panini (6)
few nibbles of pineapple (0)
S-blueberry/flax granola (5)
planned for
D-Kate's chicken enchilada casserole (4)
salad with FF Dorothy Lynch (1)

points used 27/27 WPA
water=128 oz
diet coke=58 oz


Kathy said...

I agree that starting the day out right makes it easier to stay on plan the rest of the day.

All of your food looks keep it interesting. And Jonathan reminds us of how far we have come when we carry around weights that are equal to what we have lost. For him it was the bag of dog food...for you the kiddies!

CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you had a busy busy weekend AND you were able to stay away from all those temptations. (fresh irresistable!) And the Candy and cookie party? You are a strong strong woman!

Someday I'll be in in maintenance with you! Sounds like it's a hard balance to find but I know you'll do great! Look how far you've come!

Caroline said...

Great job this weekend! I know what you mean about deciding when to use your WPA. I have definitely realized that if I use my WPA by accident, it really affects my mood and how I feel I'm doing, even if it doesn't throw me completely off track. Hopefully it won't be that way forever, but it definitely is right now! Congrats on the loss!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you handled the weekend better than I did. But I still managed.

Great job recognizing your pattern with the water. I think you're doing fine on maintenance and should have no problem hitting your goal for January!