Friday, December 28, 2007

didn't make it

Last night went sadly awry. It started with a "taste" of the scalloped potatoes and ham I had made. Then there was a piece of cornbread and a cookie and a bite of fudge.

The cornbread has now been washed down the kitchen sink. (are you proud kathy?) And today has been great. It's nearly dinnertime and I still have 10 points for dinner. I have had 96 ounces of water today too. I've had 5 servings of F/V and one dairy serving so far.

I am getting back on track. Today I sat down and made a list of some of my accomplishments in the last year. Look for those when my kids stop fighting over the crispix and after I get a diaper on the 2 yo who just "peeped" in his spider man underwear!!!


Kathy said...

I am SO bursting with pride! Cornbread down the heart aches!!! I'm glad I didn't have to witness it...I might have peeped in my underwear too!

Kate said...

It's so hard to get back on track, especially during the crazy holiday season (we're almost done, promise!), and I can imagine its especially hard with the kiddos, as I bet they are off the hook this time of year.

Great job getting back on track, and I'm sure the sink enjoyed the cornbread, it's better than your waist enjoying it right?

Law student said...

Ahhhhhh cornbread down the sink?! Now, THAT is some discipline.

I hope you have a good weigh in this week! Congrats on making it to the last week of maintenance! You'll be starting the new year as a life time member! :)

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

Swizzlepop said...

It sounds like your day was better today than yesterday. I can't believe you were able to toss the corn bread. I feel so guilty throwing out food but I also try and keep temptations out of the house. You should check into the Vitamuffin Tops Cornbread. Roni posted about it a while back and it sounded really good.
Can't wait to see your list, great idea!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Ten points for dinner is great. I ended up with 4 points for dinner after a few "unscheduled" brownies at work, but I did it and feel much better for doing so.

CaRoLyN said...

YAY for you! Cornbread down the sink! Great idea. That is a big accomplishment so add that to your list!
Sounds like you have your hands full (which you always do) so good for you for keeping it together. A little potato scallop & ham won't harm you, just keep it in moderation.

Anonymous said...

Running through to wish you a happy and healthy new year!