Saturday, December 1, 2007

the benefits of weighing myself daily... that the HUGE gain I saw today at WI doesn't really alarm me. I got on my bathroom scale this morning to see 159. Yep...I gained 3 pounds overnight. We went to a crab boil at the neighbor's and I think the "boil" they used was a LOT salty. I only had 2 crab legs and some spinach salad (sans the bacon, cheese or nuts) and a tiny little chocolate for dessert. The wine was FLOWING too, but I stuck to my water. This morning my wedding ring was tight and I just felt puffy all over.

So I'm not terribly freaked about that gain. One of me fellow WW'ers who is down to only 2 more WI's till she's lifetime was a little shocked for me I think. She has only gained ONCE since she started WW last spring. She has lost about the same weight as I have, too, but much quicker. I wonder if she can maintain that level of self-denial forever. You know what I mean...Life happens. We overdo it on occasion. How do we bounce back from that? Do we consider ourselved "cured" from our fatness once we reach lifetime or do we really think of this as a lifestyle change that needs to be permanent?

OK...sorry. This is supposed to be about me. So I gained big this week. I admit it was a less than stellar week. I got overconfident thinking I could just eat whatever and be OK. I had lots of high point days and no really strict days. I did have 2 parties this week, too. Instead of being super vigilant all the other days, I just kind of let it slide. And I felt lousy so I tried to feel better by munching.

Today is a new day. I really tried to refocus yesterday, too. I have today to stay OP. Tomorrow we are going to a nice dinner with some friends (their treat---even better!) and I have already checked out the menu online to see what I would like to order. The good thing about upscale dining is that you can make a few more requests of the kitchen without seeming so high maintenance. But I need to stay OP all week, too, and remember that I can't munch all afternoon AND have a holiday cookie or two.

Call me a work in progress. Guess that's why they give us 6 weeks of maintenance before we get the magic lifetime status, huh?


Kathy said...

This is the hardest part of the journey and I think a lot of people are totally unprepared for how much insight and self-knowledge goes into it. I did a blog entry once about "planning to fail" because I felt that facing those small failures along the way was an integral part of the journey.

You'll be fine!

Terri and Bob said...

We did it! We joined this morning. It is confusing, though, so I can tell I will be checking in with you and seeing your sage advice...

My DD only has to lose 6 pounds but I am just starting with 24 (10% of my mass) but I guess they will keep making me new goals as I reach the current ones...

Just wanted to catch you up!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to keep up with the losses. It definitely is a challenge. I've only had a few weeks with .2 gains so a big one like +2 would hurt me.

Good for you to keep it all in perspective!