Monday, March 31, 2008


Isn't that what we call it in WW terms when we go OFF plan for a day or two?

The stress has gotten to me I guess. I did the clean when I'm stressed thing. Yesterday I did like 8 loads of laundry. Today I've scrubbed my wood floor and the main level bathroom. I did the bake when I'm stressed thing. I made honey oatmeal bread, orange juice muffins, sour cherry cake and cranberry bread.

Today I have just eaten carbs.

Moving on from here.

Kelli's ear will be fine. No permanent damage and she can wear her hair up with pride. Jack E still has tummy troubles. Trey has caught the bug. Emma has a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon to deal with her broken baby tooth. Aleena has attitude to spare today. So now I just wait to see if Clay starts getting the tummy bug before or after his drum lesson at 5 this afternoon.

But my truck has some costly new brakes. Our big family computer is acting up. My vacuum cleaner is acting strange.

Enough complaining. The bus just dropped off Emma and Clay. Time to find them a snack.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

weight loss but no meeting

I didn't make it to my meeting again this week. You can read all the exciting details about it here.

But I did weigh myself at home on Saturday morning for a reading of 158.2. So the bummer about weighing every day is that I saw 157.2 twice last week and really wanted that number again on Saturday morning. But I do have to remind myself that in a week I went from 161.4 to 158.2. That is a loss of 3.2 pounds. Pretty awesome for my first OP and tracking week in quite some time.

I am staying OP this weekend too. I have still felt mildly sick, but it's probably from all the stress or sickness around here. I need to get more veggies in my mouth. I sure have enough in my fridge!

I'll check in with you all soon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

it's been a week

And I am still On Plan. It feels pretty good lemme tell ya! Yesterday got a little away from me. I woke up late and had to run out the door to go to work with my 3 youngest in tow. I grabbed a bagel and threw some cream cheese on it and got some drive through for the kids...french toast sticks and hash rounds. Yeah that wasn't so smart. I only ate a couple of their sticks. And I really felt icky for it too.

For lunch I had brought some tuna and a couple slices of bread. I had that and some apple...good so far. Then we went to the market on the way home and stocked up on fruit. And they had salmon on sale so I got some for tomorrow night. When we walked in the door, I was HUNGRY. I ate some of the pastry stuff that the older kids had left from breakfast. I was just in running mode and grabbing whatever I could. Then for dinner, I broiled some chicken and threw a bunch of green veggies in to stir fry (broccoli, green beans, pea pods, bell pepper and spinach-aren't I creative?! HA!) I also made croutons for a salad. That was probably not the wisest choice. They just tasted soooooo good. I ate too many. Then after dinner (where I really only ate a little chicken and salad) I plopped on the couch. I totally wanted more salad so I did. But I swear this morning I woke up with the ickiest tummy from all the croutons. UGH!!

I just finally had some breakfast after lying in bed most of the morning. Bear mush and a banana. How's that for bland food? The scale has been my friend this week too...,mostly.

You know I used to have a major issue with the scale. Like I weighed myself 8-12 times a day. Not healthy I know. Now I typically just weigh every morning so that's big improvement, right? This week has seen_

We-157.4 (HUH?!)

So we'll see how the rest of the week shapes up. Tuesday was a busy day and I didn't eat much in the evening but then had a big salad around 9. I'm wondering if that was the reason I was so low yesterday morning.

How are you doing out there?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so that's how I did it!!!

For the past few months I have really struggled with losing the 7 pounds I gained over Christmas. The scale has just creeped up .2 or .4 until now I really would like to lose 8 pounds. I have struggled with thinking, "how did I ever LIVE on 23 points a day?" I am always starving in the afternoon and have used way too many points in that time period. Sure I don't eat a lot of dinner, but I am still over for the day.

But yesterday I seemed to remember how I lost more than 30 pounds using 23 points a day and snacked in the afternoon. VEGETABLES!!! I was hungry around 2:30 so I grabbed the leftover asparagus from Easter and ate that. Then I munched on cherry tomatoes while I was baking bread and a cake (which is really a quick bread baked in a rectangle and not sweet at all). Then while I made dinner, I grabbed the cucumber sunomo from the fridge and gobbled up the rest of that.

Three servings of veggies, 0 points, and quite filling. And I also drank about 32 ounces of water while I was eating all that.

OooooOOOOooooooooHHH yeah!!! That's how I lost weight before. When I was hungry I drank water and ate vegetables instead of diet Coke and peanut butter banana chocolate chip bread (yes, it's really yummy!)

Maybe I can lose those 8 pounds again! And I have realized that I totally have to get back to walking. I'm not a huge exerciser at all. I really took my morning walk just for the time alone in my head, but my butt is not so tight now and my thighs and calves are more jiggly. Walking will just help me get firmer again. And give me a little time alone. *sigh*

Easter wasn't bad. I got a purse and a knitting book in my basket. D got good chocolates like a Dove solid dark chocolate bunny. I got into the kiddos stuff a little in the afternoon, but I tracked it and moved away from the chocolate. I know it's there if I want a little nibble, but I don't have to gorge myself on it because last I checked, there was no chocolate shortage in the Denver metro area! :~) I can have chocolate any time I want, so I DON'T have to pig out today...or tomorrow or the next day.

How are you faring these days?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 days OP

and I am down .6. Yeah!!!

Last night I totally wanted to grab the carton of ice cream and have at it. But I didn't. I went to bed instead. I'm so glad I made that choice.

I did eat about 5 dark chocolate m&m's while Aleena and I stuffed plastic eggs. But she had to try each of the 8 kinds of chocolate that we were using...good thing she's SKINNY...and 12!

Friday, March 21, 2008

One full day on plan...

...and I didn't lose 5 pounds overnight? What's that all about?!?!?!

Yes that is how my crazy mind works. Today I feel fat. Chubby. Not like a hottie.

Just in time for Easter candy!!! I have it from a reliable source that I am NOT getting a chocolate bunny this year. Guess the Easter Bunny knows what I need. Have you seenthis cute little quiz? I appreciate the finer things in life it seems! What does it say about you?

Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's been a few months since I had the opportunity to look for new clothes and try them on. Easter is coming though, you know.

So I have been trying a few things on the last couple of days. Today I saw a cute pair of drawstring pants on the clearance rack. There was only Large left. I know I wear a Medium, but I thought I would try the Larges on. They were pretty roomy, but I could tighten the drawstring enough so that they fit. I almost got them. Almost. Then I thought of what my friend Kathy blogged about the other day. When our clothes give us room to gain a little, we take full advantage! So I didn't get pants that I could grow into.

I did get a size 8 skirt instead. It's a little tight in the middle. Like I can see every one of those 7 pounds I have gained!!! But then again I didn't really have on the right undies, so I'm hoping that I'll look a little better on Sunday morning.

It really was quite motivating to look at the body I have after spending the winter not getting in my walks and not ever getting off my holiday weight gain. I have a couple of good days, then a few bad. Last week D and I both had birthdays so I just was fighting up hill all week. I have to remind myself that it's not all or nothing. Even though I am not happy with how I look right now, I am still in size 10 jeans. Sure they are a little tight, but there is no way I would fit into the size 18's from not too long ago. I need to lose 7 pounds. I will. I know I will.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

tell me it was the stroller!!!

As I promised myself, I took a walk this morning while Kelli was at preschool. It's a beautiful day out...nearly 50. Last week was gorgeous! It was around 70 on Saturday even. But then a storm came through and we got a lot more snow on Sunday. It's melting, but the playground was still pretty covered in snow. Jack climbed around a little, but he wasn't really interested in playing a lot at the park. Maybe Thursday will be better? But it's supposed to snow again tomorrow so who knows?

My walk to the park was just PART of the walks I used to take. OMG it's been a while since I got out there!!! It must have been pushing the stroller that made it so much more difficult, right?! Who am I kidding? I have been out of it for too long! It did feel good to get out there again. I can see myself getting back to those early morning walks soon. For now, I am committed to getting out with Jack 2 days a week. And I'm sure I'll get to more soon.

On the eating front it's been OK. I started tracking this weekend again and have really kept track. Saturdays tend to be really over the top for me. This one was no exception. I had burgers thawing for dinner. I was thinking about what to go with them. I typically made my own oven fries. Little oil, relatively healthy...good vehicle for ketchup! This weekend I looked at all the onions in the garage from our winter farm share and told D I thought we should make onion rings with my dad's secret beer batter recipe.


I realized that after the first batch came out of the oil and were draining on the rack. I ate SOOOOO many of those things. I literally felt queasy by the time we were ready to sit at the table with the burgers. I ate a little coleslaw and an ear of corn on the cob and called it a day. The next morning at church we had our "big table" day...basically a HUGE potluck. I stuck to the grapes.

Last night the 4 older kids and D were having some pie while we watched a little TV (in peace since the littles were in BED). I served them all a slice of pie (not homemade this time) with a little ice cream. I was actually hungry then too. I opted for some defrosted strawberries, fresh blueberries and blackberries, a little vanilla kefir and a sprinkle of wheat germ. It tasted great and I didn't feel any guilt. I love berries for that reason. They are YUMMY and low in points.

OH!!! We found a new fruit that we all just LOVE. Pomelo! My MIL told me it's a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. It looks like a HUGE yellow grapefruit. I am not a grapefruit fan at all. I just don't like the flavor, but a pomelo is so much more mild. It tastes more like Fresca as a matter of fact. It's a little bit of a pain to peel, but because it's so big there's a ton of fruit in there as a pay off. According to my Eat Wisely book, a 3 pound pomelo is 3 points. I have been sharing mine (all about 3 pounds) with all the kiddos so I count it as 1 point when I have some. You should check them out.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been leaving me encouraging comments. This has been so much harder than I thought it would be. I am starting to think that losing the weight was the easy part. I guess there is statistical data to show that, huh? Since so many "losers" regain the weight. I really don't want to be that person. I want to be in the minority, but I've got to utilize the tools I learned along the weight loss journey to do it. So thanks for the encouragment. I have stepped away from the weight loss blog world a little lately. I do think I needed to find a little more of myself outside of the number on the scale. I was becoming really obsessed with that in a really negative way. I am trying to be more the whole person that I am. A wife, a mama, a friend, a baker, a crocheter, a knitter, a nanny, a neighbor, a "loser". So I am not reading the 25 or so blogs that I used to read...just a handful right now. But I am also looking around and finding blogs that feeds other pieces of my soul too. I'll try to get back to check on everyone now and then, but I'm not making any promises!

So thankful for cyber friends!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I think I found my motivation

I wasn't going to go but I did. I was up yet again, but my morning home scale got really ugly this week. Like a day in the 160's. Told you it was ugly. This morning the scale said 158.2 at home and I was THRILLED. Seriously. I was expecting it to be worse. But I am still dealing with TOM and months of out of control eating.

But yesterday I finally felt back on top of it. I didn't track and I didn't worry about points. I hadn't for the last half of the week anyway. But I got a lot more water yesterday and when I wanted to munch I ate fruit. I ate a lot of fruit yesterday, but it's so much lower in calories than some of the other stuff I have been eating that I am OK with that. Jack E eats little but fruit and he's thin, right? Then again, he's not even 2 and a half so maybe that has something to do with it too, huh?

But today I think I finally feel back on top. Your comments have been so great for me. It reminds me of where I have come from. Even though I am NOT happy with the scale these days (and the choices I have made to get it there), I still weigh less than I have for most of my married life. Yesterday the trash man was hitting on me even!!! And I am thinking about how I am eating much more. I have favorite low cal foods and not just things I HAVE to eat. I can do this. I have already done it, I just need to get back on track.

I started gaining some weight around the holidays...when there was too much food around and when I stopped getting out there and walking each morning. It's so easy to just stay in bed, but I have realized that with Kelli in preschool I only have 1 kid at home 2 mornings a week. I always used the 2 of them as an excuse that I didn't have a double stroller so I couldn't go with them. But I really can stick Jack E in the stroller and get out for a walk. And if I take the right route when can get in a good walk then end up at the park for a while before we head home. He'll be in heaven! No it won't be the solitary time I had before, but maybe it will inspire me to get out of bed early again and get that alone time.

So my goal for the week is again to lose a pound. I didn't get there last week, but I really think I will this week.

Gotta go, the troops are getting restless!!! **sigh**