Saturday, March 1, 2008

I think I found my motivation

I wasn't going to go but I did. I was up yet again, but my morning home scale got really ugly this week. Like a day in the 160's. Told you it was ugly. This morning the scale said 158.2 at home and I was THRILLED. Seriously. I was expecting it to be worse. But I am still dealing with TOM and months of out of control eating.

But yesterday I finally felt back on top of it. I didn't track and I didn't worry about points. I hadn't for the last half of the week anyway. But I got a lot more water yesterday and when I wanted to munch I ate fruit. I ate a lot of fruit yesterday, but it's so much lower in calories than some of the other stuff I have been eating that I am OK with that. Jack E eats little but fruit and he's thin, right? Then again, he's not even 2 and a half so maybe that has something to do with it too, huh?

But today I think I finally feel back on top. Your comments have been so great for me. It reminds me of where I have come from. Even though I am NOT happy with the scale these days (and the choices I have made to get it there), I still weigh less than I have for most of my married life. Yesterday the trash man was hitting on me even!!! And I am thinking about how I am eating much more. I have favorite low cal foods and not just things I HAVE to eat. I can do this. I have already done it, I just need to get back on track.

I started gaining some weight around the holidays...when there was too much food around and when I stopped getting out there and walking each morning. It's so easy to just stay in bed, but I have realized that with Kelli in preschool I only have 1 kid at home 2 mornings a week. I always used the 2 of them as an excuse that I didn't have a double stroller so I couldn't go with them. But I really can stick Jack E in the stroller and get out for a walk. And if I take the right route when can get in a good walk then end up at the park for a while before we head home. He'll be in heaven! No it won't be the solitary time I had before, but maybe it will inspire me to get out of bed early again and get that alone time.

So my goal for the week is again to lose a pound. I didn't get there last week, but I really think I will this week.

Gotta go, the troops are getting restless!!! **sigh**


Kathy said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better about all this. Maybe you just have cabin fever and need for spring to arrive! I think taking walks with Jack E sounds great, and imagine how special he will feel getting all that attention from Mom!

I always think the best thing I can do when I'm in a low place in my life is look outward to others. My nursing career was so beneficial to me in that respect. I never had too much time to worry about my own problems because I was constantly reminded that there were so many people who had REAL crises to deal with that were far worse than mine.

It's all perspective too. I know you think 160 is the end of the world, and right now I would LOVE to weigh that! Some day...a pound at a time! Thanks for the congrats on the 9 pound weight loss...that is so empowering! And it makes me feel so much better, too.

You are an inspiration to a lot of us...and not to put pressure on you, but we are all in some way watching you deal with this stage of your journey and learning from your example how we will deal with it someday. It is a challenge to maintain. I don't think anyone can imagine how hard it is until they reach that stage of weight loss.

Enough said, Neighbor! Take those walks and all those endomorphins will kick in and you'll feel even better!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Can't wait to get outside more. I took a long walk outside today. It's still cold, but I gotta get out.

You're doing great! I'm having a tough time laying off ALL foods right now. It's hard not to use food as a reward.

Kate said...

You know, I know that half of the battle is getting back into the routine of doing exercise, whatever that may be. I know it's half the battle for me. Once it's routine, I actually crave it(since I'm like OCD about routine). Just work hard, get back into that routine, and slowly, but surely, everything will fall back into place, I promise!

Takeonestripperpole said...

I will get up tomorrow and work out if you will! ;) And I am so with you on the whole TOM and becoming an eating machine. Sounds like you have turned the corner back to feeling positive ... so the sky is the limit!

Summer said...

You said it all when you said "I can do this."

If we just keep talking to ourselves like that, we'll all be our goals -- big and small -- in no time.

Congrats on feeling back on track and for inspiring the rest of us along the way.

CaRoLyN said...

Glad you are feeling back in the groove. It's been a while eh?

You're right, it's all about positive thinking, if you think you can do it, then you can!