Monday, March 31, 2008


Isn't that what we call it in WW terms when we go OFF plan for a day or two?

The stress has gotten to me I guess. I did the clean when I'm stressed thing. Yesterday I did like 8 loads of laundry. Today I've scrubbed my wood floor and the main level bathroom. I did the bake when I'm stressed thing. I made honey oatmeal bread, orange juice muffins, sour cherry cake and cranberry bread.

Today I have just eaten carbs.

Moving on from here.

Kelli's ear will be fine. No permanent damage and she can wear her hair up with pride. Jack E still has tummy troubles. Trey has caught the bug. Emma has a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon to deal with her broken baby tooth. Aleena has attitude to spare today. So now I just wait to see if Clay starts getting the tummy bug before or after his drum lesson at 5 this afternoon.

But my truck has some costly new brakes. Our big family computer is acting up. My vacuum cleaner is acting strange.

Enough complaining. The bus just dropped off Emma and Clay. Time to find them a snack.


Kate said...

Yeah just a blip in the radar, get back on track and get back on track now. Your doing great, so keep up the good work.

Kathy said...

I haven't been in a position to do maintenance, but I imagine myself accomplishing it by doing 4 or 5 on-plan days followed by a day or so of moderately high carb days and then back to on-plan eating...pretty much what you just did. No foul.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

BLEH! A day in the life of a momma, huh! Not always so much fun, is it?

TB--Milwaukee said...

Some days you just need food!

Sounds like you have everything under control.

Anonymous said...

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