Thursday, March 27, 2008

it's been a week

And I am still On Plan. It feels pretty good lemme tell ya! Yesterday got a little away from me. I woke up late and had to run out the door to go to work with my 3 youngest in tow. I grabbed a bagel and threw some cream cheese on it and got some drive through for the kids...french toast sticks and hash rounds. Yeah that wasn't so smart. I only ate a couple of their sticks. And I really felt icky for it too.

For lunch I had brought some tuna and a couple slices of bread. I had that and some apple...good so far. Then we went to the market on the way home and stocked up on fruit. And they had salmon on sale so I got some for tomorrow night. When we walked in the door, I was HUNGRY. I ate some of the pastry stuff that the older kids had left from breakfast. I was just in running mode and grabbing whatever I could. Then for dinner, I broiled some chicken and threw a bunch of green veggies in to stir fry (broccoli, green beans, pea pods, bell pepper and spinach-aren't I creative?! HA!) I also made croutons for a salad. That was probably not the wisest choice. They just tasted soooooo good. I ate too many. Then after dinner (where I really only ate a little chicken and salad) I plopped on the couch. I totally wanted more salad so I did. But I swear this morning I woke up with the ickiest tummy from all the croutons. UGH!!

I just finally had some breakfast after lying in bed most of the morning. Bear mush and a banana. How's that for bland food? The scale has been my friend this week too...,mostly.

You know I used to have a major issue with the scale. Like I weighed myself 8-12 times a day. Not healthy I know. Now I typically just weigh every morning so that's big improvement, right? This week has seen_

We-157.4 (HUH?!)

So we'll see how the rest of the week shapes up. Tuesday was a busy day and I didn't eat much in the evening but then had a big salad around 9. I'm wondering if that was the reason I was so low yesterday morning.

How are you doing out there?


Kate said...

Wooo hooo! One week, go Noelle! One Day and One week at a time.

As far as the daily weigh in's I used to do it, and mine were crazy all over the place, so I stopped. It's better for my sanity this way.

Kathy said...

Although I'm not a big believer in daily weighing in general, I can see the wisdom of it when you are in maintenance mode. I am so struck by the number of bloggers who admit to weighing several times a day! It must be part of the weight thing, I guess! I don't know how I would manage meal planning with lots of kids and places to is one of the blessings of being home and child free! Crossing my fingers for next week with Audrey here...but you are right about her being open to foods that are different and lots of fruits and vegetables. And she isn't content to let me sit very much!
I'm so proud of you getting back on plan this week and appreciate your friendship more than I can say!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I think when you're maintaining, weighing everyday isn't a bad thing. I weigh myself at about the same time daily and some days, I just don't get it.

Good job on the week.