Tuesday, November 11, 2008

day 2

I survived day one back on plan. I did just fine in fact. It was cold and I even had half a grilled cheese and some tomato soup for lunch. I just made really different choices than I had made the past few weeks.

I did dive into the ice cream last night. I put it in a bowl though and didn't just eat out of the carton. Nights really aren't usually a problem for me. I have an audience usually, so I stay out of the snacks then. But last night I was ALONE, and I'd stuck to my DPA all day. So I used some flex points to soothe my soul. Probably not the best choice.

I realized this morning that I start stress eating about 6:40 each morning. The little kids are up. I am trying to get the middle (elementary school) kids up and ready. The big kids (middle schoolers) are being lovely as always. I want to eat handfuls of cereal straight out of the box. And toast with lots and lots of butter. This morning I ate nothing until I was at the grocery store with my 3 year old. The middle kids missed the bus (because one was fighting with the preschooler about how to make instant oatmeal) so I took them to school then dropped Kelli and the neighbor we carpool with at preschool. Jack my 3 year old had his first meltdown of the morning there. Then he had a couple more at the grocery store.

We were 2 meltdowns into the day, and I was standing in front of the day old bakery stuff. I always go there because I can get deals on stuff we use all the time. But I am starving. It's been a bad morning already. I grab a banana nut muffin to eat while we cruise the store.

Not the best choice. But better than a doughnut anyway. I also got fat free cottage cheese that was marked down 50% because the sell by date is tomorrow. That was my snack at home. :o)

So I am learning that I stress eat EARLY in the day. That sets me up for a bad day all around. I think I may boil some eggs that I can grab in the morning when the going gets tough. Protein is a good mood stabilizer, don't you think?

Monday, November 10, 2008

any body seen my wagon?

I feel like I am sooooo far off plan these days. I haven't really been following a plan per se for quite a while, but I was eating well none the less. I would gain a pound or two and take it back off. Staying in a range I felt comfortable with. Then Halloween came.

I did really well not dipping into the candy before hand. And we decided to let the kids indulge as much as they wanted for the weekend. We've never done that before. We've given a few pieces here and there and kept the candy around forever. This time we told them to eat all they wanted on Halloween night and Saturday and we'd throw it all away on Sunday. The kids were ready for "real food" on Saturday night. They'd had their fill.

I followed suit. I had NO candy until they started in on theirs. Then I ate too many. And Saturday morning I had candy for breakfast and snack and lunch and ICK! I had my fill too and am really ready to be done with that, but I have been making poor snack choices since then. Bread and butter instead of fruit and veggies. Mindlessly eating out of the cereal box. It doesn't matter that it's corn flakes. Half a box is half a box!

So today I am finding my way back to my WW ways. I don't want to track. I don't want to follow all the rules, but I know I need to for a while. I'll feel better and I'll be in a good place going into the holidays instead of feeling out of control.

I'll be back to let you know how I'm doing.