Monday, April 30, 2007

monday, monday

It's been a good day. I am so very thirsty today. I think this afternoon part of my munchie problem was just thirst. I got to sit outside and soak up the sun with my 3 little ones for an hour or so. Felt soooo good. Especially since a week ago tonight it was snowing. Go figure!

I still would love something else, but I'm not sure if I'll have anything. If I leave it at this, I'll have a really low day the day before I WI. If I do have anything, I'll try to keep it 2 points or under so I still will come in under my daily points allowance. I'm way over for my weekly points allowance. Those flexies are GONE this week. I'm starting to dread going to WI in the morning. I really want to see a big loss again like I was seeing each week last month. And it was my goal to get to 160 by the start of May. I know I didn't make that. I think I'm a little disappointed with myself that I've let my need for instant gratification (mmm, cake would taste really good right now) get in the way of the bigger picture I am trying to see(I really do have an inner skinny girl that wants to be seen).

Now I'm getting all thoughtful. Here's my menu for today:

nonfat yogurt parfati with plain yogurt, frozen berries, and Kashi-4

small banana-1.5

bites of the babies' quesadilla and avocado-1
(at work feeding my babies's so hard for me to stay out of their avocado!)

big baggie of cut up veggies-.5
(carrots, cucumber, jicama, mushrooms)
ham sandwich on lite bread with ff mayo, dijon and lettuce-3
honey wheat pretzels-2

ton of salad with green olive salsa-1

(made with WW vanilla smoothie mix, nonfat milk, lite chocolate syrup and lite whipped cream
not sure this was really worth it)

sauteed veggies leftover from yesterday-.5
(onion, bell pepper, garlic, snow peas, mushrooms, spaghetti squash, spinach with EVOO)
2 oz whole wheat spaghetti-3

total-21 out of 24 possible

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I did it!

It was my goal today to have a 22 point day. I get 24 points/day right now. And I did go for a nice long walk this morning.

But I have been going over my daily points every day, and often I go over by a lot. I decided this morning (on my walk), that I would plan to have a low point day today and tomorrow in hopes of a good loss at my WI Tuesday. I have been really just playing around the past few weeks. I need to get serious and get this weight off and get onto my "maintenance" phase.

I really wasn't that hungry tonight. We did have a big lunch, even though I really just ate a ton of my veggies. I didn't really want dinner. Honestly, no one really ate much dinner here tonight. It was one of those kinds of nights.

I feel like I'm starting to babble. Here's my menu from today. I do have my lunch and breakfast and snacks all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow. I also have my alarm set nice and early with the optimistic view that I will get up early and walk before I go to work. I'll let you know how that turns out!

small banana-1.5
parfait w/ frozen fruit, NF yogurt & Kashi-4
eng muffin w/ SF orange marmalade-1

sauteed veggies with EVOO-1
(onion, bell pepper, garlic, snow peas, mushrooms, spaghetti squash and spinach)
salad w/ lite Honey Mustard-2
1 oz steak-1.5

cherry popsicle-1

potato soy crisps-2
sample of bleu cheese dip-1
bites of Kashi-.5

low fat frozen yogurt, lite chocolate syrup, lite whipped cream-5.5

sunny saturday (updated)

Last night ended really abruptly for me. I wasn't much interested in dinner so didn't eat just tried to feed the toddler some spaghetti. Then I got a nasty headache all of a sudden. The lights were bugging me...the noise from the kids was getting to me...then I thought I was going to throw up. At that point I knew I was done for. I went to bed about 7:15 for the night.

Today I have made some good food choices and some not so good ones. I'll put in my day so far and come back with an update before bed. I also have to brag that I did get up and get in a 30 minute walk this morning. That earned me 2 AP's!

cranberry bagel with a little reduced fat schmear-7
couple more bites of Kelli's bagel-2

slice of leftover pizza-8
(really wanted another slice but I had Trey put it away before I could indulge any more)
salad with 0 point stuff and light Honey Dijon dressing (YUM!0-2

potato soy crisps and green olive/cilantro salsa-2
(new purchase yesterday and very the tang of the green olives!)

boca on english muffin-2
tomato with a little reduced fat feta-.5
baked potato with salsa and reduced fat sour cream-.5
leftover birthday cake-6

TONS more birthday cake-12

The rest of the cake is now in the freezer...though I would probably eat it frozen if given the chance!!! UGH!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday's detox and recovery (updated)

Emma had a great birthday yesterday. She got lots more than the 6 presents she expected. Of course, there were lots of little things (paper, paints, markers, play-dough) to make it really look like a lot, but when you are 6 the little things mean a lot! I totally over did it food wise yesterday. I really knew I would so there were no surprises there. I really wish I hadn't eaten that pizza in the afternoon, but I did. Now I'm back OP and trying to deal with the aftermath of a sugar binge. My goal for today is to eat what I plan to eat and not just grab whatever. Not doing so well already since I ate that coffee cake...though I must say it was REALLY good!

I also haven't posted my menu the past 2 days because I have left all the entering for the evening and I'm just not up for it at that point. So here's the beginning of my day. I'll come back later and update it.

Also didn't get my walk this morning because I didn't get up til 6:30. By then Jack E, Kelli and Trey were all up. Thought I could do a quick walk anyway while they all watched a little SpongeBob. Jack E and Kelli were crying but I was sure they'd be OK. I was about 4 houses down the street when I hear, "MOM!!! MOM!!!!!" I turn around and Kelli is running down the sidewalk in her nightgown and Trey is carrying Jack E down the street. The littles were really crying and Trey didn't know what to do. I still have on my walking clothes in hopes of getting in a walk after grocery shopping and before picking up Emma and her friend from Kindergarten. Here's hoping!!!

Starbuck's Low Fat Banana Dulce Coffee Cake-7
few bites 1% cottage cheese-.5

turkey, lettuce and tomato wrap-4

snack (at the movies with Emma and her friend)
mini-bag FF popcorn-1
half a Moose Munch Bar (leftover from Easter)-4
Emma's popcorn that she decided she didn't want!!!-8 (totally an estimate here)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


that stands for CANT STOP EATING!!!

I feel like I have a bottomless pit today. I had breakfast, no problems there. For snack, I shared a fresh bagel with Aleena. We had our nice little lunch while we drove home from work (bring your daughter to work day, you know!). Then my trouble started. I had a salad...still OK. Then I just ate 2 pieces of leftover pizza! I didn't even eat a whole slice of pizza last night when the kids and my folks and I all had it.

I guess it would still be a salvagable (is that a word?) day, but it's Emma birthday and I know there will be a big ol' piece of chocolate cake with my name on it coming later tonight. ARGH!!!

But tomorrow is day off...and it's not supposed to be raining. I can go take my glorious morning walk.

OK...I feel batter already!

And I'm making Emma meatloaf, baked potatoes and corn for her b-day dinner. So I can have a plain potato and some salad and still feel like I have eaten dinner, right?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

weigh in today

So I went. It wan't as bad as I thought it could have been. Then again, it wasn't as good as I had hoped, either. I really sabotaged myself, too. After getting on the bathroom scale this morning and being totally disappointed in myself, I then went on to fulfill Kelli's wish for waffles for breakfast. She's 3. I could have so easily distracted her with a different breakfast, but I went ahead and made waffles...and ate too many of them BEFORE I went to weigh in. I was literally stuffed when I was getting on the scale. But I was down .8 so I guess that's not AS bad as it could have been. I was honestly expecting another gain. I still haven't lost all my chocolate Easter weight though, so I'm still a little frustrated. Another week...another weigh in.


cherry tomatoes-0
ranch soy crisps-4
(grabbed the bag when I ran out the door and over did it a little!)

burrito with fat free refried beans, lettuce and tomato-1.5

jicama strips-0
fat free ry krisp-0

100 calorie pack Oreo thins-2
(not as good as the WW chocolate swirl cookies, but cost less!)

crock pot minestone, 1 1/2 bowls-4
tiny shake of grated parmesan-0
1 1/2 biscuits-3

late snack
planning on a chocolate shake-5

Over a little for the day, but I'm OK with that!

Monday, April 23, 2007

monday, what have I done to myself?

What was I thinking last night? Great OP day...good choices most of the day. Then I make ham for dinner the night before WI? OMG!!! I'm up like 1 1/2 pounds since yesterday morning and I know it's just from the salty ham. ARGH!

So here's yesterday's menu. I was a little ticked at myself last night so didn't even post or read any blogs. Hoping for a good WI today...we'll see!

1 c Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch Honey Almond Flax with nonfat milk-4.5

soy crisps-2

2 burritos with fat free refried beans, salsa and reduced fat sour cream-4
1/2 banana-1
WW chocolate swirl cookies-2
WW chocolate mint patty-1
(sweet craving would NOT go away)

few bites of Emma's cereal snack-2 (estimate)

ham, about 4 oz-6
(kept picking as I cleaned up the kitchen)
green beans-0
brussells sprouts-0
salad with free veggies and fat free Dorothy Lynch salad dressing-2

WW passion fruit sherbet/ice cream pop-1

Sunday, April 22, 2007

dining out

OH-MY-GOSH!!! We ate out twice in one day. That hasn't happened in our lives in absolutely years!!!

My dad came into town to visit today. He got here late morning and wanted to take us to breakfast. I had already had my Kashi, milk and banana...and my splurge of that cursedly good banana bread. We went to The Original Pancake House. YUM-MY! It really is a family favorite. D always gets these huge meaty omelettes there, and me and the kids usually have some yummy pancakes with nuts or fruit or something. I LOVE pancakes...absolutely adore them. And they have a specialty of a huge apple oven pancake, too. One of the servers brought us one since we were a big party. It sat right in front of me and I didn't eat a single bite. Not even as I fed Jack E his piece. Be very amazed.

Then I tried to make a good food choice without totally being a party pooper. I ordered the fresh strawberry belgian waffle. I totally estimated what the points might be on that one. I honestly have no idea, but a fresh fruit topped waffle seemed a better choice than the pecan pancakes (my total fave!).

I was planning a nice Sunday dinner. Actually stuck a ham in the crock pot and was planning a potato side, veggies and salad (mom, now you know what I'm feeding you for dinner Monday night! lol) Then my dad offers to take us to dinner, too. D was waffling a little, I think, but when my dad said "steak" at Texas Roadhouse, he was convinced. D is all about the low carb diet. It's worked great for him in the past...lost and kept off 50 pounds. He's gained a little back and is hitting it hard again. So when the prospect of a huge slab of red meat comes in...he's there!

At this point I decided to just be a party pooper. I didn't rain on anyone else's parade. In fact, I helped Aleena get her shrimp (a grilled shrimp appetizer) by ordering the veg combo. I got a salad, steamed veggies and plain baked potato and also a loaded sweet potato that I gave to Aleena so she could have a little more balance.

The server brought Emma (and the other kids) birthday ice cream. Trey had some apple pie a la mode thing and Aleena ordered strawberry cheesecake, too. Not even a lick of the spoon. My last 2 weigh in's haven't been good and I just sooooo want to get back down off my Easter chocolate high. It was my goal to get to 160 by May 1st. I really want to get there. So I buckle down a few more weeks. I really am not far from my WW lifetime goal, too. I just want to get there and be done with it.

Anyway, eating out twice today has been such a huge reminder of not only how unbalanced my meals could become, but also of the stunning amount of excess I could consume if I did that very often. Would I really want to order the veg plate when I was out to dinner every time? Probably not, so I'd get some huge dinner and totally overdo it. How many times a month can that happen before I start to gain weight?

I like to cook...I like to plan meals...I like knowing what is going into my food...and me and my kids. I really think that many days I would rather do it at home than try to juggle the restaurant world. Is that weird?

So here's my day in food. I shouldn't have had that banana bread. It would have given me more wiggle room later. And I did take a THIRTY minute walk this morning. Yay, me! So I had a couple of AP's to use today, too. Not a complete loss of a day, I guess!

1/2 cup Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch Honey Almond Flax-2
1/4 cup fat-free skim milk-0.5
1 slice banana bread, with nuts-5
1 large banana-2

belgian waffle-8
1 3/4 cups strawberries-1
1 small apple-1

2 fat free ry krisp-0
1% cottage cheese (1/3 cup)-1

salad with a little egg, cheese and reduced fat ranch-3
steamed veggies-0
medium baked potato-2.5

free kashi!

It's one of my favorite things and I just saw a TV ad where you can get your own little box for free. Click here and follow the instructions to get your own yummy cereal!

Love free stuff!

I didn't post my menu last night. I had a pretty good day, but was over by 6 points for the day. I was stressed and tired and hungry in the afternoon. So while I made a poor choice for a snack (dill pickle potato chips), I did well in the fact that I weighed out 1 portion and took them upstairs to eat them. I didn't just pig out right out of the bag, so I guess that's a positive step, right? What's interesting to me is that after I ate the chips in my bowl, I WANTED MORE!!! But I wasn't going back downstairs to get them. Besides, I was reading in People Magazine about Valerie Bertenelli's new ad campaigh with Jenny Craig. It seemed a little hypocritical to go get more chips!

The chips alone didn't send me over the edge, though. I did have a milkshake last night. I used low fat frozen yogurt, a little nonfat milk and lite chocolate syrup. YUMMY!!! That could become a habit, I'm telling you. It was 5 1/5 points...and worth every one!

I took a 30 minute walk this morning, now I need to shower and get on with my day. The walking is becoming a habit I like, too!

Friday, April 20, 2007

points left over and too tired to care

It's been a long day. My baby has been sick and whiny all day, well at least when he wasn't outside playing in the dog water and trying to drink it. It seems I have just run around picking up after everyone all day and not really gotten anything accomplished. I did go grocery shopping today. It was good to restock a little, And I know I must look a little odd to people with my WW points finder out while I decide if I should really buy a product or not. I was pleased to see my favorite little 1 point english muffins on sale. It was such a great way to eat my boca last night. And I got some boca chicken patties today, too. That breaded chicken sammy is one of my faves...and these boca ones are only 3 points each!

So tonight I have 4 1/2 points left from the day. I was going to make one of Carolyn's banana milkshakes, but I honestly don't feel like dealing with it. What is wrong with me?! I may have some little ice creamy treat later, but right now I am still full from dinner (it was late tonight!). Here's how the rest of my day lookes...

Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch with nonfat milk and half banana-4.5
Baby's serving of Chocolate Malt-o-Meal-1

pink lady apple-1

Southwestern Pasta Salad-2
turkey sandwich on Lite bread with ff mayo, lettuce and tomato-3

Dannon Lite & Fit yougurt smoothie-1

Ginger Lime pork sirloin chop (4 oz)-3
Warm Gingered Slaw-1
baked sweet potato-3

maybe an ice cream sandwich or some meringues??? for 2-3 points

i can't believe what I just did!!!

I actually got up at 6:20 on a day where there is no school, no schedule, and took a walk. Granted it was only 15 minutes because I didn't realize how cold it would be out there. But I've been telling myself for weeks, months even that I would do that and I DID IT!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

going from memory

my title refers to the fact that I haven't put my daily tracker on my computer today, and I'm not going to do it tonight. I have had a good day points-wise. The past couple of days have been really good, in fact. Last night I had an incredibly strong craving for Taco Bell. It lasted just a few minutes and was gone. I didn't even eat anything else either because I knew I wasn't really hungry...just had that moment of wanting something cheesy and fattening.

And today I had a huge reminder of how much my tastes have changed. Emma had a little kindergarten program at school. Afterward there was a hot dog BBQ lunch for the kids and families. I decided I wouldn't do that. I had just had my yogurt parfait in the car on the way to the school. I knew I could wait till we were home for lunch. Jack E (my 18 month old) was really not interested in his hot dog, which is surprising since he normally really likes them. I totally love grilled hot dogs. It is one of my favorite summer treats. As I was throwing Jack E's plate away I decided I would eat one bite of his hot dog. One bite wouldn't kill me, right? It was sooooo gross I literally spit it into a napkin and threw it away. It was just oily and greasy and nasty tasting to me. I had a hard time getting the taste out of my mouth in fact. A year ago I would have eaten my hot dog and Jack E's easily, but this year? UGH!

My afternoon got away from me. I wanted something sweet so I had a parfait. Then I went looking for my boys (long story!) and decided I needed a diet Coke and some cookies for an afternoon snack. Then I finished the Kashi turtle roll that was in the car from Tuesday. Then I munched on a few chips while I made the little girls some sandwiches.

Then I had a hard time eating dinner. I really wasn't very hungry.(I wonder why!!!) I finally had my boca burger just so I could get in some protein and know I would be done for the night. I snacked too much in the afternoon, but I guess it wasn't all bad considering I wound up having a 2 point dinner. lol I also stayed at my daily target of 24 points.

turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and ff mayo-3
(wound up having lunch for breakfast)

nonfat yogurt parfait, with nonfat plain yogurt, blueberries and Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch-3.5

Lean Cuisine with a ton of leftover cauliflower to bulk it up-4
soy crisps and salsa-2

apple cinnamon parfait (from Dole, YUM!)-2
100 Calorie Pack of Lorna Doones-2
1/2 Kashi GO LEAN turtle roll-1.5
dill pickle potato chips-3
few bites Southwestern Pasta Salad-1

boca on english muffin-2

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I didn't post after WI yesterday. I was only down .4 which was surprising to me. My bathroom scale had me down much more than that. But it was a loss...and my WIO (weigh in outfit, namely the pants) is getting too loose to really wear many more weeks. I also went to Target yesterday and got this jacket in a LARGE!!!! It wasn't an extra large, but just a large! It is a little snug, but it helps me to stay motivated to lose these last 15 pounds.

This is my menu for the day. I really think I am done eating, too, but I would like to take a walk still tonight. I don't know if that's gonna happen, though.

SouthBeach breakfast wrap-3
(I really don't even like these much, but they are quick to take out the door and filling for ony 3 points. I'm getting used to the cardboard-y taste of the tortilla.)

banana raisin cereal bar-3
Lite & Fit Yogurt Smoothie-1

Chick-fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwich-5
Chick-fil-A fruit cup-1

mini bag ff popcorn-1
1 WW English toffee square-1

1/3 cup 1% low-fat cottage cheese-1
1/3 chicken thigh-1
3/4 cup Prepared Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Rice Mix-3.5
1/2 cup frozen peas and carrots-0
salad with fat free Dorothy Lynch Dressing-1

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here's my menu from last night. It was a crazy running around evening. But huge event of the day was that I took a 20 minute walk! It's always such a struggle for me to find time for a walk. Between the kids and their after school stuff I just never seem to get it in. Then it dawned on me. If I leave everyone else at home while I take Clay to his lesson, then I could take a walk DURING his lesson. So I did. It was just a quickie but it's so huge to me that I actually did it.

Here's what I ate. I had a snack after my walk. Then I took a quick shower and grabbed another snack on our way out the door to a rehearsal. I didn't actually eat my "dinner" until we got home like at 9:30. I hate eating that late but I was still really hungry. And I would have been fine, but I wanted a sliver of that darn pizza!

nonfat yogurt smoothie-1
whole wheat zucchini bread-4

medium apple-1
Cinnamon sugar swirl bar-2

turkey sandwich-3
Honey wheat braided pretzels twists-2
2 1/2 cup Tuscan vegetables in herbed tomato sauce-2
(these are little frozen veggie things by Bird's Eye I love them because they feel like a meal but really low in points,)

1/3 cup 1% low-fat cottage cheese-1
large banana-2

whole wheat zucchini bread-4

bean burrito 1.5
(whole wheat tortilla with a little fat free refried beans and salsa)
Soy Crisps and salsa-2
pizza sliver- 3
Food POINTS values total used 29.5

Sunday, April 15, 2007

all things considered

Not a bad day, all things considered. Jack (my 18 mo) got his fingers smashed in the sliding glass door just before lunch. Emma (the 5 yo) needed to be at a birthday party. It was burritos for lunch so all the kids were standing in the kitchen telling me what they wanted on their burrito. I didn't eat spoonfuls of cheese to cope, though I was really guzzling my diet Coke.

Then we went to friends' for pizza. The fellow WW friend had a sick friend so plans changed. I did well staying out of the pizza, but I did get a little crazy with the chips and dip. I could tell I was really low on points after I had eaten my salad and sliver of pizza. Isn't that weird how we "know" where we are kind of? I was really thinking I could have a nice little dessert later at home. Then I had a chip. And another. And a lot. Oh, well. Did pretty well today all things considered.

And this nonfat yogurt parfait thing is turning into my favorite breakfast. It really fills me up. And I never thought I could do plain nonfat yogurt. But since 1 cup is only 2 points, I thought I'd try it. Love it! Jack's fingers are fine, BTW!

NF yogurt parfait-3.5
with nonfat yogurt, frozen blueberries and some Kashi GO LEAN Crunch!

medium apple-1

2 bean burritos-3
whole wheat tortillas, canned refried beans and salsa

Kashi GO LEAN Crunchy Chocolate Almond Bar-3


big salad with tons of freebies and
1/2 Tbsp Dry Roasted Sunflower Kernels-0.5
RF ranch-1

1/2 slice pizza-3
chips and dip-8 (totally just estimating since I was just devouring them around the buffet table!)

Food POINTS values total used 23
Food POINTS values remaining 1-YEAH for me! It's been a while since I had a point left over at the end of the day!

so tired last night

I didn't post my menu because I was just pooped last night. I did well with eating though. I was in the mood to munch a little yesterday afternoon, but I went grocery shopping instead. That worked well. Sounds strange, but it did. Instead of sitting at home and munchiing, I was at the store planning all the great things I can eat this week!

For dinner we had steak ( I had a little 2 oz piece), cauliflower, salad, and artichoke. Yummy. But even that much red meat upset my stomach. I just can't tolerate red meat well anymore.

We are having dinner with a bunch of friends tonight. The hostess is a fellow WW'er so she always helps me to make good choices. It's easier when you are together. I'm taking chips and dip...totally off limits to me since I will GORGE myself if I even start in on them. I'm also taking a low point southwestern pasta salad.

I'll try to post my menu for today later!

Friday, April 13, 2007

today's menu

I may have some popcorn still or a yogurt. I've had no dairy today.

I did get my 3 little ones McD's today. I debated on what to order. I decided on the Big & Tasty, no cheese and no mayo. I just wanted a burger with lettuce and tomato and pickle and onion. A Junior Whopper from Burger King is a better value...fewer points for less money. And it's just as satisfying. So we had our midday splurge, which left me paranoid about eating machaca for dinner (eggs with onion, pepper, tomato and shredded beef) so I skipped out in favor of the biscuit. Good thing I took my vitamin today! lol

small apple-1
raspberry popyseed muffin-4
Cinnamon sugar swirl bar-2

5 oz baked potato-2
1/2 cup salsa-0
1 Tbsp fat-free ranch salad dressing-0.5

1 large carrot-0
McDonald's Big N' Tasty® without Mayonnaise-9

1/4 medium pineapple-1
1 small biscuit-3

Food POINTS values total used 22.5
Food POINTS values remaining 1.5

weigh in

So I went. It was as bad as I expected. I'm up 2.2 and that's after having a couple of good OP days, too. I didn't drink as much water yesterday as I normally do the day before I WI. I'll keep plugging away and get back on track with my usual Tuesday WI.

I really do feel more comfortable with my weight in the upper 160's. I still really need to make my peace with the fact that I am working on being in the 140's again. I've got to get over it mentally so I quit letting myself eat so much of what I shouldn't!

I'll post my daily menu tonight. Last night I had no more water or diet Coke after I posted. I really was wiped out. We got our tax refund today. I'd love to celebrate with a big ol' going to dinner celebration. Gotta refrain though. I did promise the little girls lunch at McDonald's if Kelli is sweet this morning. She's doing pretty well! I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today has been a much better OP day. I have really tried to make good choices and not let things get out of hand. The kids and I went with Emma's kindergarten teacher to a shelter downtown tonight. We took dinner down there. Of course, I had made a pan of pasta big enough for an army. My boys were bummed because I didn't let them get seconds like they would have at home. Since I cooked, I could estimate how much I was eating...always a bonus.

On the way home I had to stop and pick up a prescription. I knew they were all still hungry, so I grabbed two packs of those Dreyer's Dibs Ice Cream Bites. I just had 5...and that was still 2 points. If I'd realized how much that was going to be, I would have waited and had one of my WW treats after the kids all went to bed. Now I have that icky, too sweet feeling in my mouth. I'm over by 2 points today, but I have been running my legs off all day. According to my pedometer, I've earned those 2 points back!

So here's what I've eaten today. Last night I did eat some of my moose munch bar from my Easter basket. I added it in to my daily plan manager. I really think I am done eating for the day. Maybe some more water and a little diet Coke?

1/4 medium banana-0.5
yogurt parfait (made with frozen mixed berries, nonfat plain yogurt and a little Kashi GO LEAN crunch cereal)-3.5

Luna Sunrise bar-3

1 cup carrots-0
1/2 small apple-0.5
Honey wheat braided twists pretzels-2
turkey "muffin" (1 pt english muffin with fat free mayo, turkey, lettuce and tomato)-3

3 cups plain oil-popped popcorn-3

1/4 slice whole wheat zucchini bread-1
baked pasta-7.5

5 dibs ice cream bites-2

Food POINTS values total used 26

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today has been much better. I still have wanted to eat everything in sight, but I chose half an apple and fat free ry krisp instead of popcorn and m&m's! I still have a couple of points left tonight even. I think I'll have a little dessert later with D while we watch TV. I'll add that in later.

I also think that it helped that I had my breakfast wrap first thing today. They are the frozen South Beach things. They are growing on me. At first I really thought they tasted like cardboard. But I need something I can grab and eat while I drive to work. Those wraps help me be satisfied since they are high in fiber and protein. Personally, I'd really rather have a big ol' pastry or huge bagel (or two!)...Here's my day in food:

South Beach breakfast wrap-3
Lite and Fit Yogurt Smoothie-1

Kashi GO LEAN Crunchy! Chocolate Almond Bar-3

1 cup 1% low-fat cottage cheese-3
1 cup carrots-0
6 halves dried apricot halves-1
1/8 medium cantaloupe-0.5

honey wheat braided twists pretzels-2
fat free ry krisp-0
1/2 small apple-0.5

3 oz chicken breast-2.5
1 cup cooked asparagus-0
1 1/2 cup potatoes-3
1/2 cup cooked carrots-0
1/2 cup frozen green peas-0

Food POINTS values total used 22.5
Food POINTS values remaining 1.5

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

tuesday's food

I really had good intentions for today. I mean I even took a shower, washed my hair AND shaved my legs. In a mama's world that is ambition!

I had a good day planned. It started to go awry when I realzed we had no more turkey for me to make a sandwich for lunch. (Kelli snuck that from the fridge yesterday). So I had cottage cheese and a ton of broccoli. Than I ate much more popcorn than I intended.

I was still doing OK until dinner. I planned on a salad, but the pasta I made for the kids just looked REALLY good. So I shared dinner with Jack.

This afternoon and evening have been all about avoiding stress eating. I'm having one of *those* days with my 3 year old. I'd forgotten how someone so little can push my buttons soooooo much.

So, here goes my first attempt at posting what I ate today. I did get in all my water today and have been running all day, too. It's the start of my week. I just wanted to have a low point day to help me rid myself of the 2 pounds of chocolate I picked up on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't weigh in today so I've got a couple of days to hopefully get back down to 166.6.

What a day! And I still have to deal with piano lessons and bed time! Wish me luck!

1 waffle 2
1 Buckwheat pancake 2
1 hard-boiled egg(s) 2
Subtotal 6

1/4 cup 1% low-fat cottage cheese 1
Honey wheat braided twists pretzels 2
2 cup broccoli w/ 1 tsp olive oil 1.5
Subtotal 4.5

3 cups plain oil-popped popcorn 3
1/4 oz Plain M&M's 0.5
WW chocolate swirl cookies 2
Subtotal 5.5

2 oz italian sausage 5.5
1 1/2 cup cooked pasta 5.5
1 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese 0.5
1 serving spaghetti sauce 1
Subtotal 12.5

Food POINTS values total used 28.5

Sunday, April 8, 2007

taking a break

I don't know what it has been this weekend, but it's just doing me in. I know I am eating way more than I should, but I am having a hard time curbing it.

I've decided to take this weekend "off". I've never really done that before, even with my birthday. I just feel like I keep feeling guilty for not doing what I should, but I don't want to track all the points in my chocolate today! I'm back on the wagon tomorrow. And I have a conflict this week so I won't go to weigh in until Thursday or Friday. Hopefully I can just have a "maintain" week.

Now I think it's time for a nap. Been up since quarter to 5 and we did 3 Easter services plus we've already had Easter dinner. Everyone else is napping...mama's turn, too.

Friday, April 6, 2007


here's a pic Kelli snapped of me last weekend. i think this is what starting freaking me out

recent weigh in

I did make it to weigh in and stay for my meeting on Tuesday. I've been writing blog posts in my head all week, but I've never gotten here to post anything.

Tuesday and Wednesday I think I ate everything in sight! Not really that bad but almost. I've eaten a ton of my weekly points allowance already and not saved much for the holiday weekend. I get 24 points to eat each day with WW, and then I get 35 "extra" points to eat throughout the week. My really good weeks I eat 2-3 of those extras each day with maybe 7-8 on one day. I don't want to talk about this week.

I think I have some strange subliminal thing going on where I'm afraid of losing this weight. I've been a little alarmed the past couple of weeks when I got on the scale and saw a number in the 160's. Being overweight has just been so much a part of me that getting close to my goal has been a little frightening. I do really think that I have been sabataging myself. It's like my subconscious is anxious about losing more weight so my appetite has been happy to oblige by raging out of control.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I think I have made my peace with that. Yesterday I had a really good on plan day. I was hungry last night but opted to just decide to be satisfied with that. The bummer of it all is that I haven't left myself much room for chocolate on Sunday. Oh well. I do want to have a good loss this week so I need to stick with my guns after going so crazy 2 days already this week. I have an online group I'm a part of and we have a challenge for the end of April. My challenge for myself is to get to 160 by then. It's attainable as along as I don't have a week where I gain. Soooo, this week I really need to maintain this 1.6-2 pound loss per week. I guess I could always find some time for a little exercise. But since it's supposed to snow tomorrow, maybe not!