Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday's detox and recovery (updated)

Emma had a great birthday yesterday. She got lots more than the 6 presents she expected. Of course, there were lots of little things (paper, paints, markers, play-dough) to make it really look like a lot, but when you are 6 the little things mean a lot! I totally over did it food wise yesterday. I really knew I would so there were no surprises there. I really wish I hadn't eaten that pizza in the afternoon, but I did. Now I'm back OP and trying to deal with the aftermath of a sugar binge. My goal for today is to eat what I plan to eat and not just grab whatever. Not doing so well already since I ate that coffee cake...though I must say it was REALLY good!

I also haven't posted my menu the past 2 days because I have left all the entering for the evening and I'm just not up for it at that point. So here's the beginning of my day. I'll come back later and update it.

Also didn't get my walk this morning because I didn't get up til 6:30. By then Jack E, Kelli and Trey were all up. Thought I could do a quick walk anyway while they all watched a little SpongeBob. Jack E and Kelli were crying but I was sure they'd be OK. I was about 4 houses down the street when I hear, "MOM!!! MOM!!!!!" I turn around and Kelli is running down the sidewalk in her nightgown and Trey is carrying Jack E down the street. The littles were really crying and Trey didn't know what to do. I still have on my walking clothes in hopes of getting in a walk after grocery shopping and before picking up Emma and her friend from Kindergarten. Here's hoping!!!

Starbuck's Low Fat Banana Dulce Coffee Cake-7
few bites 1% cottage cheese-.5

turkey, lettuce and tomato wrap-4

snack (at the movies with Emma and her friend)
mini-bag FF popcorn-1
half a Moose Munch Bar (leftover from Easter)-4
Emma's popcorn that she decided she didn't want!!!-8 (totally an estimate here)

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