Sunday, April 15, 2007

all things considered

Not a bad day, all things considered. Jack (my 18 mo) got his fingers smashed in the sliding glass door just before lunch. Emma (the 5 yo) needed to be at a birthday party. It was burritos for lunch so all the kids were standing in the kitchen telling me what they wanted on their burrito. I didn't eat spoonfuls of cheese to cope, though I was really guzzling my diet Coke.

Then we went to friends' for pizza. The fellow WW friend had a sick friend so plans changed. I did well staying out of the pizza, but I did get a little crazy with the chips and dip. I could tell I was really low on points after I had eaten my salad and sliver of pizza. Isn't that weird how we "know" where we are kind of? I was really thinking I could have a nice little dessert later at home. Then I had a chip. And another. And a lot. Oh, well. Did pretty well today all things considered.

And this nonfat yogurt parfait thing is turning into my favorite breakfast. It really fills me up. And I never thought I could do plain nonfat yogurt. But since 1 cup is only 2 points, I thought I'd try it. Love it! Jack's fingers are fine, BTW!

NF yogurt parfait-3.5
with nonfat yogurt, frozen blueberries and some Kashi GO LEAN Crunch!

medium apple-1

2 bean burritos-3
whole wheat tortillas, canned refried beans and salsa

Kashi GO LEAN Crunchy Chocolate Almond Bar-3


big salad with tons of freebies and
1/2 Tbsp Dry Roasted Sunflower Kernels-0.5
RF ranch-1

1/2 slice pizza-3
chips and dip-8 (totally just estimating since I was just devouring them around the buffet table!)

Food POINTS values total used 23
Food POINTS values remaining 1-YEAH for me! It's been a while since I had a point left over at the end of the day!


CaRoLyN said...

Good job on staying out of the is a killer fo me, I just can't stay away. Chips are hard too.
I'm going to try to yogurt looks yummy!
Keep up the great work!!

1L said...

Seems like you're able to eat a lot of different things at throughout the day and still keep the points in check. I eat one meal and I end up having to use my weekly points!

ps thanks for your "motherly" advice.