Thursday, April 19, 2007

going from memory

my title refers to the fact that I haven't put my daily tracker on my computer today, and I'm not going to do it tonight. I have had a good day points-wise. The past couple of days have been really good, in fact. Last night I had an incredibly strong craving for Taco Bell. It lasted just a few minutes and was gone. I didn't even eat anything else either because I knew I wasn't really hungry...just had that moment of wanting something cheesy and fattening.

And today I had a huge reminder of how much my tastes have changed. Emma had a little kindergarten program at school. Afterward there was a hot dog BBQ lunch for the kids and families. I decided I wouldn't do that. I had just had my yogurt parfait in the car on the way to the school. I knew I could wait till we were home for lunch. Jack E (my 18 month old) was really not interested in his hot dog, which is surprising since he normally really likes them. I totally love grilled hot dogs. It is one of my favorite summer treats. As I was throwing Jack E's plate away I decided I would eat one bite of his hot dog. One bite wouldn't kill me, right? It was sooooo gross I literally spit it into a napkin and threw it away. It was just oily and greasy and nasty tasting to me. I had a hard time getting the taste out of my mouth in fact. A year ago I would have eaten my hot dog and Jack E's easily, but this year? UGH!

My afternoon got away from me. I wanted something sweet so I had a parfait. Then I went looking for my boys (long story!) and decided I needed a diet Coke and some cookies for an afternoon snack. Then I finished the Kashi turtle roll that was in the car from Tuesday. Then I munched on a few chips while I made the little girls some sandwiches.

Then I had a hard time eating dinner. I really wasn't very hungry.(I wonder why!!!) I finally had my boca burger just so I could get in some protein and know I would be done for the night. I snacked too much in the afternoon, but I guess it wasn't all bad considering I wound up having a 2 point dinner. lol I also stayed at my daily target of 24 points.

turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and ff mayo-3
(wound up having lunch for breakfast)

nonfat yogurt parfait, with nonfat plain yogurt, blueberries and Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch-3.5

Lean Cuisine with a ton of leftover cauliflower to bulk it up-4
soy crisps and salsa-2

apple cinnamon parfait (from Dole, YUM!)-2
100 Calorie Pack of Lorna Doones-2
1/2 Kashi GO LEAN turtle roll-1.5
dill pickle potato chips-3
few bites Southwestern Pasta Salad-1

boca on english muffin-2

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CaRoLyN said...

Great job compensating for your snacking during the afternoon.
That's so funny about the hot dog...I totally know what you mean! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE these Chicken Nachos from Mexicali Rosa's and they are still good but last time I ahd them (About 6 months ago) I got so sick afterwards because my stomach just couldn't handle that much grease and cheese anymore. I'm totally turned off from it now!
Keep up the great work and enjoy your weekend!