Thursday, April 26, 2007


that stands for CANT STOP EATING!!!

I feel like I have a bottomless pit today. I had breakfast, no problems there. For snack, I shared a fresh bagel with Aleena. We had our nice little lunch while we drove home from work (bring your daughter to work day, you know!). Then my trouble started. I had a salad...still OK. Then I just ate 2 pieces of leftover pizza! I didn't even eat a whole slice of pizza last night when the kids and my folks and I all had it.

I guess it would still be a salvagable (is that a word?) day, but it's Emma birthday and I know there will be a big ol' piece of chocolate cake with my name on it coming later tonight. ARGH!!!

But tomorrow is day off...and it's not supposed to be raining. I can go take my glorious morning walk.

OK...I feel batter already!

And I'm making Emma meatloaf, baked potatoes and corn for her b-day dinner. So I can have a plain potato and some salad and still feel like I have eaten dinner, right?

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1L said...

i am the SAME way!!! CSE...ugh!