Sunday, April 22, 2007

free kashi!

It's one of my favorite things and I just saw a TV ad where you can get your own little box for free. Click here and follow the instructions to get your own yummy cereal!

Love free stuff!

I didn't post my menu last night. I had a pretty good day, but was over by 6 points for the day. I was stressed and tired and hungry in the afternoon. So while I made a poor choice for a snack (dill pickle potato chips), I did well in the fact that I weighed out 1 portion and took them upstairs to eat them. I didn't just pig out right out of the bag, so I guess that's a positive step, right? What's interesting to me is that after I ate the chips in my bowl, I WANTED MORE!!! But I wasn't going back downstairs to get them. Besides, I was reading in People Magazine about Valerie Bertenelli's new ad campaigh with Jenny Craig. It seemed a little hypocritical to go get more chips!

The chips alone didn't send me over the edge, though. I did have a milkshake last night. I used low fat frozen yogurt, a little nonfat milk and lite chocolate syrup. YUMMY!!! That could become a habit, I'm telling you. It was 5 1/5 points...and worth every one!

I took a 30 minute walk this morning, now I need to shower and get on with my day. The walking is becoming a habit I like, too!

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