Wednesday, September 24, 2008

checking in

It's been almost a month since I was here, huh? Wow! How have I been? Well, not really OP, but not really off either.

I read an article in Clean Eating magazine about intuitive eating that really resonated with me. The author talked about eating local food, prepared at home and not eating much processed food. The author found that she naturally lost weight this way and never felt deprived.

That makes so much sense to me because I have 4 fairly thin children, 1 average child and 1 heavy child. They all eat as the author of the article described. Yes, the four oldest eat lunch at school so I have no control over that, but I do know that Emma will choose salads over other foods. They all will take the veggie cup and dip them in ranch just to fill up on more whole foods. So if it's working for my kids, why not me too?

I'm not in this to lose a bunch of weight anymore. I have battled most of my eating demons. Even the ones I haven't conquered, I can at least identify from a far distance now. So why can't I just trust myself to eat intuitively? So I have begun to trust myself again. I am counting points or keeping track of CORE foods. I am just eating the food in my kitchen. Honestly, it is mostly fruits and vegetables and lean meats and whole grains. But we did actually order out pizza the other night, and I had 4 pieces. I have made dessert twice in the past couple of weeks to go with dinner. (Honestly, the good part of having a big family is that I made a pie last night, and we all had A slice and now it's gone!)

And what does the scale say about all of this? When I decided to jump back on the WW wagon last month I was shocked to see 163.6 on the scale. I had spent most of the summer around 159-161. This morning? Back to 159.2. Although it's not a huge loss for the month, I have lost the couple of pounds I gained at the end of the summer. And I would like to lose a few more. But we'll see. Right now, I am happy where I am. And honestly as I read some blogs about fastidious exercise regimes and strict eating plans, I think I really am not motivated to lose anymore. Some of you may think that I am copping out. Yeah, maybe so. But I know there are some of you out there who know that just getting through the days and weeks and dealing with all that life entails without gaining any weight either is an accomplishment.