Sunday, June 29, 2008

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

and I haven't fallen off the wagon either!

We got to go on vacation to see hubby's family in CA. And go to Disneyland and the beach, too. So between getting ready for vacation with packing and all that and then just RELAXING, I have totally neglected you all. I did try to check in a couple of times while I was out, but I still have a ton in my google reader to sort through.

I made it through vacation only gaining a couple of pounds. So that puts me just back around 158-159. So I get to lose those few pounds over again. At least it's just a couple of pounds, right? and it was great to go to the beach and the pool and not feel totally self conscious.

Off to work tomorrow and back to reality. And back to my WW plan!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

were your ears burning?

This morning when I got up to make hubby's lunch and coffee, I switched on the radio to my my favorite morning show. They were discussing blogs and blogging and bloggers. More really about tell all blogs and when close friends are invited to read them. They asked for listeners to call in and tell about their blogging experiences.

So were your ears burning?! I called in to say what a great thing a blog can be in the life of someone losing weight. We can share our daily menus, how we dealt with a hard food situation, the shamefilled binge we had last night, and ask for advice or encouragement when we really need it. So even though you aren't my IRL friends, know that you are all apart of the success I have had in going from a size 18 chubby mama to a size 10 much happier mama!

I had a little epiphany yesterday, too. I was in a gas station getting a diet Coke (eat your heart out Becky! I saw a younger girl in there (she was in her early 20's I guess) that had on a little skirt and t-shirt. I could see that her skirt was tight and she had a total muffin top through her shirt. Kind of that roll-y look. I had on 2 layered tanks and little khaki capris (size M) and DIDN'T have a muffin top at all. Yes, I know I should be working out more and haven't been as diligent with food as I should be. But I realized that I was thinner than this younger girl. I don't usually find myself thinner than anyone other than the very obviously overweight and I felt good to realize that I am in the middle now. I'm not skinny. But I don't think someone would look at me and say I was overweight anymore. At least I hope not.