Friday, March 30, 2007

crazy week

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. The kids have been home on Spring Break this week. And true to Colorado weather, the weather was in the 70's on Sunday and we got about 8 inches of snow yesterday. Today the sun is out but we are still covered in snow. It should be gone this weekend...just in time for the kids to go back to school again on Monday.

On the WW front, I had a great weigh in on Tuesday. I was down 2.6...which leaves me .2 from a 25 pound loss. I really can't believe that. In some ways WW has been such an easy thing to follow. It seems that the weight has just "fallen" off. Then there are days like yesterday. On my way home from work I just wanted something spicy. So I grabbed a big grap of Doritos...I've done that before and managed to eat 1 serving then give the rest to Trey when he got home from school. This time I was talking to my mom on the phone and I ate the whole bag! YIKES!

I could have salvaged that...really I could. I could do a big salad for dinner and call it a day. Did I do that? NOPE!

Aleena and Trey wanted to make popcorn in the afternoon. Killer for me. One piece just leads to more and more and more. Should have grabbed a piece of bubblegum before I started in on their popcorn.

Then there was dinner. I tried a new corn biscuit topped chili recipe. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but after the Doritos and popcorn, I shouldn't have had anything.

So, we'll see how I manage this weekend. I've learned that with WW, a bad day is salvagable as long as it only a day. The next day needs to be filled with healthy choices and lots of water. And no more Doritos...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

today was weigh in...and a sushi commercial!

i am in total shock right now. i went to weigh in on friday to keep me motivated for the weekend. we went to a birthday dinner friday night, went out for sushi saturday night, went out for lunch on sunday and then had a big party sunday evening.


i just cannot believe it. i was really hoping to just maintain through it all, but i actually lost still. i was running around a lot on the weekend and i really tried to make healthy choices while i still enjoyed myslef. guess that strategy worked for me!

as for good sushi choices, CaRoLyN. first, go somewhere good. thr grocery store would not be my first choice! lol fresh sushi is always a lot better. an easy one that just about everyone likes? california roll (3 points for 4 large pieces or 6 medium pieces). it's avocado, cucumber and krab (or sometimes fresh crab) rolled in rice. what's not to love right there?

i also like a rainbow roll (not sure of points, but i think it's similar to california roll). it's still the avocado and cucumber inside (usually) but with different fish rolled on the outside. and those fish are all poached.

on the sushi menu it will tell you what sushi has raw fish and what has cooked fish. sashimi is always raw fish, but we had some the other night that was thin slices of tuna steak marinated in a ginger/citrus sauce. it was just like eating seared tuna.

another yummy one to share with friends is a spider roll. it is sometimes a little spicy, but it's a deep fried soft shell crab rolled inside the rice with some vegetables thrown in. deep fried soft shell crab, need i say more? lol but even 6 pieces of that (which would be a full order) is 9 points.

sushi is much more filling than you might think, and it takes a while to eat so it's not like devouring a large order of fries in just a few minutes. miso soup is filling, wonerful, full of healthy soy and 2 points per cup. sushi places usually have a salad with this great ginger/soy dressing, too. and sunomo is a cucumber salad with rice wine vinegar. really low in points, too.

ok, i'll stop my sushi commercial now. i totally love it if you couldn't tell. i just wish good sushi wasn't so expensive.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


we went out with some old friends last night. we went for sushi. what a yummy and exotic way to eat sensibly. we had edamame, miso soup, salad with that yummy ginger-tofu dressing, and lots of sushi. it was fun and not overkill pointwise at all. and no icky bloated feeling after dinner!

carolyn just tried these cheese wedges and was asking about other ways to use them. i just used mine as a substitute for cream cheese on a bagel half. yum! the plain ol' light regular was great that way.

big party today so we need to get our act together around here. trying to enjoy the sun more than anything!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

it's saturday and i'm feeling fine!

i haven't posted at all the past week. i had a headache most of the week and just didn't feel well. i managed to pull myself together and enjoy my day yesterday because it was my BIRTHDAY. I'm now 37! Dang, that feels OLD! But I've been married for almost 15 years and have 6 children. those stats alone tell you i have some miles on me! it does feel good to be thinner this year on my birthday. how much thinner? well I went to weigh in yesterday morning (yes, on my birthday!) and i was down 2.4!

I was so excited. after last weigh in having a gain of almost all that i had lost the week before, i was so disappointed with myself. the past couple of weeks i have vowed to keep things in check, and i did it!

so since it was my birthday yesterday, i decided that i would let myself eat whatever i wanted...anything at all! i would up not really eating much at all. i decided that it wasn't worth it to eat something just to eat, but i would eat if i was hungry. who have i turned into?

we did go to dinner last night. i ate some fried calamari, soooo yummy, but i'm a little leary of fried foods since i don't eat them much anymore. i had a wedge salad...not that great so i didn't finish it at all. i ordered the small filet mignon. i decided to just eat half of it. and that was plenty. i did finish all my asparagus, though! i ordered the bread pudding for dessert. the middle tasted the best, so i ate that and left the rest of the edges.

sorry for the play by play of my dinner, but it's just amazing to me how i have learned to just eat and stop when i am full or it just plain doesn't taste good. that is sooooo huge for me. but it was great to not be absolutely miserable after dinner last night (like D-sorry, hon!). i ate what i wanted to and stopped when i wanted to. it's just food after all!

i really overdid it pointwise yesterday, but not as bad as it could have been. and since i only have 1 birthday a year, it's ok to do that. the rest of the weekend is full of parties, too, but i'm hoping to keep it all in check and just not gain anything by my weigh in next tuesday. i'll let you know how that goes!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

just a little ice cream

tonight after the big kids' talent show, we stopped at the store to get milk AGAIN! We go through soOoOoOoOo much of the stuff! i only had emma, trey and aleena with me. we decided to get ice cream. they all picked one pint. and I got aleena and trey to pick some low fat kinds. they only shared with me and clay a little when we got home. i guess that's good since i don't need to be eating a ton of ice cream. and honestly neither does my little 8 yo who is at the very top of the weight chart.

so this week has been a better op week for me. i have stuck to my daily plans and stayed within my daily points allowance-even tonight with ice cream. i have had plenty of water the past few days, too. fridays are always my hard days, though. i just want to have a little pig out session on friday afternoons. maybe tomorrow i'll take another walk.

oh, my walk today. i was literally lying on the couch reading in my ww magazine about the worldwide epidemic of obesity. it's really alarming to see how countries that i think of as third world are becoming as overweight as the US...and the rest of the people in those places are still starving. ANYWAY! I was lying on the couch reading about encouraging activity in children, jack e was taking a nap, D was on the phone with his parents, so i decided to take a little walk, knowing that emma and kelli would want to join me. i decided we would just go around our block. we live at the top of a hill. not a big hill, but when you are 3 or when you are carrying a 3 year old, aren't all hills big?

so we walked the first 10 minutes, no problems. then kelli started really dragging. emma was complaining about wanting to go home. i picked up kelli (she only weighs 32 pounds or so!) and carried her up the hill the last half block home.

i hear people complaining about how much they hate their treadmills...let me tell you, a treadmill would have been a DREAM for me today. instead i attempted a walk toting a 3 year old and listening to a tired and hot 5 yeat old complain. it's no wonder i never get any real exercise!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


so I thought I'd be posting my daily menus and points and all that. not happening this week. i'm not feeling as funky as i did last week, but still not feeling like myself.

i was so very bummed after my weigh in this week, but i have decided to really dial back on what i consume to regain some control. so far, so good. i have made a plan the past 2 nights of my next day's breakfast, snack, lunch and snack with plenty of room for dinner and a treat. last night i got my treat, but not tonight. i nibbled too much on the kiddos dinner. i really don't want to use any of my weeklies this week...except on sunday, D's birthday.

i've also made an effort to get in more water. just kind of going back to the basics of ww to get myself refocused. hoping to see a lower number at weigh in next tuesday to rejunvenate me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

bad start

this day is already off to a booming start! woke up this morning, and my fingers are on the bathroom scale...up from the weekend. cursed popcorn!

then i came downstairs and helped Jack E eat his chocolate chip banana coffee cake. it's as good as it sounds, trust me!

and then i ate a mini bagel because it's the 1 point breakfast i had planned on. what is wrong with me?! time to get the littles ready and go face the music.

i'm meeting a friend at mcdonalds for lunch with our kiddos today, too. if i stick to what i know i should do, it will be ok, but that seems to be a problem for me the past couple of days. ugh!

Monday, March 5, 2007


so I have to weigh in in the morning. actually, I don't have to, but I think I should. I have been really 'munchy' for the past few days. today was really much better until I made popcorn this afternoon. I really thought I would save most of it for snacking throughout the week. NOPE...I ate the whole batch. and now I have that icky bloated feeling that I had all the time in high school after I would work at the movie theater and eat waaaaay too much popcorn while we were all bored between shows. I think that was where I started consuming mass quantities of diet Coke. but I digress.

anyway...I will update my weight ticker tomorrow and attempt to load a weight progress chart. i'm also going to start to post my daily intake. maybe pride will keep me from eating 8 cups of popcorn in one sitting again!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

first post

this is going to be my weight loss record. but right now I need to make dinner. i'm hoping to get this all set and ready to go by my next weigh in day on tuesday...