Saturday, March 17, 2007

it's saturday and i'm feeling fine!

i haven't posted at all the past week. i had a headache most of the week and just didn't feel well. i managed to pull myself together and enjoy my day yesterday because it was my BIRTHDAY. I'm now 37! Dang, that feels OLD! But I've been married for almost 15 years and have 6 children. those stats alone tell you i have some miles on me! it does feel good to be thinner this year on my birthday. how much thinner? well I went to weigh in yesterday morning (yes, on my birthday!) and i was down 2.4!

I was so excited. after last weigh in having a gain of almost all that i had lost the week before, i was so disappointed with myself. the past couple of weeks i have vowed to keep things in check, and i did it!

so since it was my birthday yesterday, i decided that i would let myself eat whatever i wanted...anything at all! i would up not really eating much at all. i decided that it wasn't worth it to eat something just to eat, but i would eat if i was hungry. who have i turned into?

we did go to dinner last night. i ate some fried calamari, soooo yummy, but i'm a little leary of fried foods since i don't eat them much anymore. i had a wedge salad...not that great so i didn't finish it at all. i ordered the small filet mignon. i decided to just eat half of it. and that was plenty. i did finish all my asparagus, though! i ordered the bread pudding for dessert. the middle tasted the best, so i ate that and left the rest of the edges.

sorry for the play by play of my dinner, but it's just amazing to me how i have learned to just eat and stop when i am full or it just plain doesn't taste good. that is sooooo huge for me. but it was great to not be absolutely miserable after dinner last night (like D-sorry, hon!). i ate what i wanted to and stopped when i wanted to. it's just food after all!

i really overdid it pointwise yesterday, but not as bad as it could have been. and since i only have 1 birthday a year, it's ok to do that. the rest of the weekend is full of parties, too, but i'm hoping to keep it all in check and just not gain anything by my weigh in next tuesday. i'll let you know how that goes!

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