Thursday, March 8, 2007

just a little ice cream

tonight after the big kids' talent show, we stopped at the store to get milk AGAIN! We go through soOoOoOoOo much of the stuff! i only had emma, trey and aleena with me. we decided to get ice cream. they all picked one pint. and I got aleena and trey to pick some low fat kinds. they only shared with me and clay a little when we got home. i guess that's good since i don't need to be eating a ton of ice cream. and honestly neither does my little 8 yo who is at the very top of the weight chart.

so this week has been a better op week for me. i have stuck to my daily plans and stayed within my daily points allowance-even tonight with ice cream. i have had plenty of water the past few days, too. fridays are always my hard days, though. i just want to have a little pig out session on friday afternoons. maybe tomorrow i'll take another walk.

oh, my walk today. i was literally lying on the couch reading in my ww magazine about the worldwide epidemic of obesity. it's really alarming to see how countries that i think of as third world are becoming as overweight as the US...and the rest of the people in those places are still starving. ANYWAY! I was lying on the couch reading about encouraging activity in children, jack e was taking a nap, D was on the phone with his parents, so i decided to take a little walk, knowing that emma and kelli would want to join me. i decided we would just go around our block. we live at the top of a hill. not a big hill, but when you are 3 or when you are carrying a 3 year old, aren't all hills big?

so we walked the first 10 minutes, no problems. then kelli started really dragging. emma was complaining about wanting to go home. i picked up kelli (she only weighs 32 pounds or so!) and carried her up the hill the last half block home.

i hear people complaining about how much they hate their treadmills...let me tell you, a treadmill would have been a DREAM for me today. instead i attempted a walk toting a 3 year old and listening to a tired and hot 5 yeat old complain. it's no wonder i never get any real exercise!


CaRoLyN said...

Although the walk was difficult, you definitely get an A+ for effort!!!
We all need to treat ourselves (that's why there are flex points right??) and good job on picking a Low Fat ice cream instead of the fat full kind!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Amber said...

I agree with Carolyn I give you an A+ for effort as well. Having kids crying and whining would be very difficult for sure. I could only imagine how tough it is with that many kids but you are doing great.

Great job also on the low fat ice cream!