Tuesday, March 20, 2007

today was weigh in...and a sushi commercial!

i am in total shock right now. i went to weigh in on friday to keep me motivated for the weekend. we went to a birthday dinner friday night, went out for sushi saturday night, went out for lunch on sunday and then had a big party sunday evening.


i just cannot believe it. i was really hoping to just maintain through it all, but i actually lost still. i was running around a lot on the weekend and i really tried to make healthy choices while i still enjoyed myslef. guess that strategy worked for me!

as for good sushi choices, CaRoLyN. first, go somewhere good. thr grocery store would not be my first choice! lol fresh sushi is always a lot better. an easy one that just about everyone likes? california roll (3 points for 4 large pieces or 6 medium pieces). it's avocado, cucumber and krab (or sometimes fresh crab) rolled in rice. what's not to love right there?

i also like a rainbow roll (not sure of points, but i think it's similar to california roll). it's still the avocado and cucumber inside (usually) but with different fish rolled on the outside. and those fish are all poached.

on the sushi menu it will tell you what sushi has raw fish and what has cooked fish. sashimi is always raw fish, but we had some the other night that was thin slices of tuna steak marinated in a ginger/citrus sauce. it was just like eating seared tuna.

another yummy one to share with friends is a spider roll. it is sometimes a little spicy, but it's a deep fried soft shell crab rolled inside the rice with some vegetables thrown in. deep fried soft shell crab, need i say more? lol but even 6 pieces of that (which would be a full order) is 9 points.

sushi is much more filling than you might think, and it takes a while to eat so it's not like devouring a large order of fries in just a few minutes. miso soup is filling, wonerful, full of healthy soy and 2 points per cup. sushi places usually have a salad with this great ginger/soy dressing, too. and sunomo is a cucumber salad with rice wine vinegar. really low in points, too.

ok, i'll stop my sushi commercial now. i totally love it if you couldn't tell. i just wish good sushi wasn't so expensive.


CaRoLyN said...

Well I think you've encouraged me to try it. My hubby has been bugging me to go for sushi but I'm so apprehanesive. I'll just have to give it up and go I guess. It looks so yummy! I just can't stand the thought of raw fish Yuck!
Congrats on the loss!! Great Job...you must have gotten a good workout running around all weekend. Wish me luck for Friday, I am going to need it terribly after the weekend I had!!!

Amber said...

Im just like Carolyn I cant stand the thought of raw fish but thanks for all the ideas maybe Ill give it a try sometime.

Congrats on the loss!

Roni said...

I recently tried sushi and LOVE it! Thanks for the info, I only had California roll, maybe I'll graduate next time to something new! :~)