Monday, March 5, 2007


so I have to weigh in in the morning. actually, I don't have to, but I think I should. I have been really 'munchy' for the past few days. today was really much better until I made popcorn this afternoon. I really thought I would save most of it for snacking throughout the week. NOPE...I ate the whole batch. and now I have that icky bloated feeling that I had all the time in high school after I would work at the movie theater and eat waaaaay too much popcorn while we were all bored between shows. I think that was where I started consuming mass quantities of diet Coke. but I digress.

anyway...I will update my weight ticker tomorrow and attempt to load a weight progress chart. i'm also going to start to post my daily intake. maybe pride will keep me from eating 8 cups of popcorn in one sitting again!

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