Friday, April 20, 2007

points left over and too tired to care

It's been a long day. My baby has been sick and whiny all day, well at least when he wasn't outside playing in the dog water and trying to drink it. It seems I have just run around picking up after everyone all day and not really gotten anything accomplished. I did go grocery shopping today. It was good to restock a little, And I know I must look a little odd to people with my WW points finder out while I decide if I should really buy a product or not. I was pleased to see my favorite little 1 point english muffins on sale. It was such a great way to eat my boca last night. And I got some boca chicken patties today, too. That breaded chicken sammy is one of my faves...and these boca ones are only 3 points each!

So tonight I have 4 1/2 points left from the day. I was going to make one of Carolyn's banana milkshakes, but I honestly don't feel like dealing with it. What is wrong with me?! I may have some little ice creamy treat later, but right now I am still full from dinner (it was late tonight!). Here's how the rest of my day lookes...

Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch with nonfat milk and half banana-4.5
Baby's serving of Chocolate Malt-o-Meal-1

pink lady apple-1

Southwestern Pasta Salad-2
turkey sandwich on Lite bread with ff mayo, lettuce and tomato-3

Dannon Lite & Fit yougurt smoothie-1

Ginger Lime pork sirloin chop (4 oz)-3
Warm Gingered Slaw-1
baked sweet potato-3

maybe an ice cream sandwich or some meringues??? for 2-3 points

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