Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Diego and chocolate

Those are the 2 words that best decribe my little guy's Christmas this year. The other kids stayed out of the chocolate and candy mostly...they had a little but nothing like the 2 year old! Then there was mama.

I started Christmas morning eating an entire package of Godiva dark chocolate covered almonds. They were soooooo good!!! But probably not the thing to eat at 7:30 in the morning after getting 5 hours of sleep. I ate tons more chocolate throughout the day. And scones. And just random junk. That was after I ate tons of Christmas cookies on Christmas eve while we did our last advent reading.

I FEEL ICKY!!! Today I have tried to jump right back OP. It's hard though when I just want to eat food because it's there. Where is my will power and my "think first" mentality? It's amazing how out of kelter I got by just letting it be a free for all for a day and a half.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

The first thing I did this morning was make my usual breakfast. Nothing extra, just the same breakfast I usually have. That helped me get right back on track and in the right mindset to stay focused the rest of the day.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Glad that Christmas happens only once a year. My 6 yr. old woke up this morning and asked me when it will be Christmas again.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

True that! I have been fighting the urge to stuff random foods into my mouth all day long!

Kathy said...

I did the same thing Skinny Guy did...I made a normal breakfast at home and then promised myself that I would post everything I ate for the day...knowing I would have to put goof-ups on-line led me back to my fruits and vegetables! One day back to Core feels really good...I feel normal again.

Kate said...

It's amazing how icky eating bad can make us feel?

I ate my face off on xmas eve and xmas day, so don't feel bad. I was right there with ya!

Just get back into your routine, and as Kathy and Skinny Guy said, I made myself my normal breakfast, snacks and lunch yesterday, it's a great way to get back OP now.

CaRoLyN said...

I hear ya! I honestly think that half of the junk I ate over the Holidays really wasn't because I wanted it, just because it was the Holidays and it was a "free day" which turned nto a free week! Ugh! Time to get back on track though. We can do this. Get out your tracker and start tracking! I'm keep an eye on you!!