Friday, December 7, 2007

finally an OP day

Yesterday I actually stayed OP all day, I didn't have my afternoon binge and I did great with my water, too. Actually I have been doing really well with water this week. When I am not eating well I don't always do well with water, but this week I really have been drinking it all.

Anyway...thanks for all your ideas about how to deal with the munchies. I do write out a plan for meals and snacks for the day, but then lately I've just been adding to that!

Kathy suggested that maybe I record it here for your reading pleasure. There's that accountability that comes with knowing someone else will read what you ate. And I know you are all just beside yourselves with anticipation about what I eat. (Actually there is some weird superiority thing about reading how CRAPPY other people eat! Or is that just me?!) So I thought "maybe I should record what I eat each day...I'll start doing that Monday". Wait, isn't that crazy bad diet mentality? So here's what I ate yesterday. I was trying hard to stay OP after not doing well for days and days. I am still sick. And I didn't eat yesterday with the mindset that you would be reading it today. :o)

B-multigrain pancakes with PB2 (3)
frozen pumpkin waffle from the weekend (2)
L-chef salad with little ham, shredded cheese, hardboiled egg, spring greens, pea pods, green onions and pico de gallo (5)
few bites of the kids mac and cheese (2)
S-pumpkin spice muffin (2)
D-few bites of beef and pork from leftovers (3)
huge sweet potato with cinnamon and Brummel&Brown spread (6)
wallaby lowfat maple yogurt (3)
1/2 biscuit (2)
S-mini brownie (3)

points 31/27 (I have NO WPA left but I still went further into the hole!)
water 112 oz
diet coke 68 oz *blush*

How does that compare to my "plan" for yesterday? I meant to have cheese for my morning snack, but just got busy so I added it to my salad. I was going to have a half pita with my salad, but kept nibbling on the mac and cheese. BTW, it was Amy's organic mac and that's not SO bad, right? LOL I didn't plan on the biscuit for dinner, but it looked so good. And after dinner I just wanted something dessertish. I didn't want a skinny cow, so I had the brownie thing. They are mini muffin size so it could have easily been 1 or 2 bites, but I made it into 6 or 8 nibbles.

I do try to stick to my DPA of 27 and WPA of 35.

Kids are screaming...better go deal with that! :/


Kate said...

Looks like you did good. I can imagine it's hard to plan when you have the kiddos and a husband to look after, leaves a little bit of uncertainty in your day.

Myself, I always leave 2 or 3 points after dinner for a snack, I always want something to munch on when I'm watching tv....usually it's popcorn or ice cream for me...and lately a candy cane...yum.

eat like a caveman said...

thanks for sharing, especially posting your menu on the day you didn't know it would be shared to the world! but due to this, i'm sure your eating will be better today, right? love your blog and thanks for all your fun posts! i'm realizing that we ALL face the same things each day...but sharing it is what helps us through!

Kathy said...

I feel like Sally Field..."She listens to me...she really listens to me!!!" lol
You know what...that is how most of us really live our lives and the whole time you were grabbing unplanned things to eat, you were keeping healthy eating goals in mind...that's something to be grateful for...that means real learning has taken place.
It's like the little kid who "minds" even when no one is looking!
I love seeing what other people eat...I think it is so interesting...kind of an anthropology project!
Btw...I posted a couple of pictures of the wallaby sweaters on my knitting blog today...finally!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I would never post what I ate, too scared of what people would think of me! I eat some crazy things and go on some strange stretches of certain foods.

Swizzlepop said...

As boring as it may seem to read and blog about I think it really does help. As a reader it helps me see how other people do and allocate their points as well as see their downfalls and successes and I also get new food and snack ideas from others.
Being someone that has logged my food including calories etc. it really helps me recognize good and bad patterns. Try it for a while and see if it works for you. If not then stop and if it does then it won't seem like sush a chore :).