Thursday, December 27, 2007

so far so good...

...but I'm not in bed yet either!!!

I have done much better today at staying OP and not just shoving stuff in my mouth because it was sitting there.

OK, so I did some of that too, but not so much of it.

I made the WW veggie soup and had that and cottage cheese for lunch so that was filing and low in points. I went grocery shopping today with my middle daughter Emma. Totally was hungry but I got good things. I got soy crisps and cheesy rice cakes. I haven't had those around in a long time but I know they fill that snack attack. I haven't been buying them because they're kind of junky. Then again so are BBQ potato chips. ahem...

And I got some frozen veggies with sauce and some with low fat cheese sauce. The whole container is 2-3 points and it totally fits the bill when I want a mini meal but don't want to cook. The veggie soup does that for me too, but with zero points.

Hopefully I can navigate the rest of the night without an issue. Or digging into the chocolate since the waffles and cornbread I munched on have left me no wiggle room. In so many ways I don't want to go to WI on Saturday. It's my last WI of maintenance so I will start Lifetime the next week. But I know I am way up. And my regular leader won't be there. Plus I want to stay in bed and read a magazine.

Gotta think about that...


Kathy said...

I'm making some vegetable soup today...I love having that available...and the cheesy vegetables are really good on top of a baked potato. I would eat cornbread until it came out my ears given the opportunity. Anytime I stop at just a muffin size portion is a victory for me.
I'm so happy there are no Marie Callendar restaurants near us...I love the frozen chicken pot pies from her line...can't imagine how good the restaurant food must be.

CaRoLyN said...

I don't think I've ever tried cornbread....maybe I should stay away if it's that good!

Do you have the recipe for the veggie soup? I started making turkey soup last night but then I couldn't figure out what beggies to use in it. I made the broth and cut up all the turkwy but then I was stumped. any suggestions?

I think you should go to WI just to hold yourself accountable. But it's up to you!

Kate said...

Glad to hear things went better for you today, it really is such a challenge to get back OP after the holidays, so easy to say "well I already mess up the week" so not true though!

I love sweet corn bread, never something I had as a kid, but oh my god I can't control myself around it now. I make muffins and freeze them, only pulling out one at a time!