Friday, November 30, 2007

what was I thinking?

Yesterday I think I kept eating little nibbles of this and that to feel better. Guess what? It didn't make me feel better, only worse. Dinner was the worst. I wasn't really that hungry. I'd been sitting on the couch all afternoon with a feverish preschooler who had had a HUGE puking episode in the car with Daddy. I threw a roast in the oven for the family early in the afternoon, but that was as far as I got. I knew I still had some leftovers from Thankssgiving (stuffing, sweet potatoes and cauliflower) to round it all out. I really wastn' planning on eating dinner.

But those leftovers suddenly looked sooooo good to me. I ate way more candied sweet potatoes last night than I should have. I wasn't even really hungry. And if I wanted sweet potato, I could have "baked" one in the microwave for far less points. But I didn't. I just made bad choices for dinner. Then I ate some chocolate-y popcorn after the kids were in bed (Thanks for bringing that out, mom!).

And I felt gross. I felt out of control and like that fat mama again. Today the bathroom scale (always a little higher than the WW scale) said 155.8. UGH! I've also been having a hard time drinking my water since I've been sick. I just am not interested in it. But I know I need my liquids. Gotta work on that.

So I am trying to reclaim my day today. I was starving when I woke up, but couldn't decide what to eat. I did eat a piece of toast while the kids were getting ready. That satisfied me for awhile. And I just took some banana bread out of the oven so I had a slice of that (only 2 points per slice so not totally a splurge). I think I may make some of Kathy's soup too. Maybe that will get me over my munchie hump!

Tongight we have a party with the neighbors. Not sure what will be there, but we are supposed to bring 3 pounds of crab per person and an appetizer or a dessert. Two ounces of cooked crab=1 point, not bad. But I need to leave room in my day for it.


Anonymous said...

After my episode earlier this week, I think I know what you're going through. But I wasn't dealing with feeling ill or dealing with a little one who was ill.

You had the good sense to get it back under control right away, which really makes a difference. And I'm thinking it won't be too difficult for you at the party as long as you remember how bad you felt last night.

Hope you're feeling better soon...

TB--Milwaukee said...

Thursday was not a good day for me. I sat and finished off a box of six fiber one bars in one seating. Ugh!

I keep telling myself it's only one day, but it still stings!