Tuesday, November 13, 2007

plodding along

Sunday was hard, food wise. I just had that bottomless pit feeling in the morning so I ate a lot at breakfast. For lunch, we just came home from church and had sandwiches and chips and fruit. I overdid it with the chips I know. Then my big boys decided they wanted to take our visiting uncle to Beau Jo's for dinner. This is a local place known for it's Mountain Pies and big crust on the edges which they serve honey for. Their pizza is truly fabulous. And they have a buffet Sunday nights where the kids pay 50¢ for every year old they are. They lose money on my big boys, I think.

I did as well as I could have. I had a big salad from the salad bar with only V&O for dressing. Then I decided to let myself eat 2 slices of pizza. They had 3 "plain" pizzas (chesse, pepperoni and sausage) and then 3 "special" pizzas. I couldn't decide so had all 3 special pizzas. After I finished I totally wanted more. But I sat and just hung out. Then I realized that I was really stuffed. I did eat a couple extra crusts from the kids with that yummy honey, but I did stay pretty close to my plan.

Yesterday the scale rewarded me with a big 3 pound gain. I hate that!!! Even though I know it's probably just transient, it always scares the crap out of me!

Today I was down 4 pounds from yesterday...THANK GOD!!! I really tried to get lots of water and just stay within my daily points. I did go over by 2, but not too bad considering all the junk I ate on the weekend. That's always hard when I eat with abandon on the weekend. It's hard to jump back on the wagon. So I think that after the weekend I had 2 flexies left. Those were eaten yesterday so I need to keep it in check all week.

Looking back at my food journals for the past few weeks, I realized that I didn't neccessarily eat more points all week last week than in the past. But I normally have big weekends and then stay pretty close to my target during the week. Since I weigh in on Saturdays, that totally works for me. Last week I had more high days just throughout the week even though my weekend wasn't that big. So I guess these are just the normal fluctuations of the scale, but I saw that big gain when I didn't want one.

Did that make sense? LOL

I haven't officially reset my WW goal though I think I can do it online if I want to. I do think that I will reset it for 155. That gives me a cushion for those monthly scale fluctuations. And even though I want to start the maintenance phase, I don't by any means think that I am 'done' or 'healed' from my weight issues. In fact yesterday I signed up for Spark People to see how my days were coming together. I feel like I don't get enough protein...too many carbs, and that was confirmed yesterday. But I agree with Randi that it's a pain in the butt to input all that stuff. That's why I stopped doing my WW tracker online...I don't have the patience to input all that when I can just scribble it down in my journal.

I am on my WW wagon other than the pizza and chips on Sunday. So I'll just wait till the weekend and see what happens at my meeting on Saturday.

I've had many interruptions in the past couple of paragraphs, can you tell? I guess my kids are done with my bloggin for the morning!


Cory said...

I really is a pain to enter food on SparkPeople, but I can tell I do better when I do that! I just started a challenge with one of my SparkTeams and we are setting our nutrition and fitness journals to public and logging everything as part of it.
However, on the food journal there, once you have most of the things you eat entered in, it's not as bad. Add the things you eat regularly to the favorites and it's easier. Too bad I have completely changed everything I eat since I last journaled!

Good luck with journaling everything!

Kathy said...

I thought their site was good for an occasional analysis of how my plan was stacking up, but agree that it was time-consuming. I think WW point-values become second nature after awhile and just jotting them down on paper is fine.

On another note...I am so so so happy that particular pizza place does not have a chain in Indianapolis!!!

Steph said...

I actually use FitDay to track/log all my food and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Mine is not the time it takes to log it but rather the glaring truth of what I've eaten once I get done - OUCH! I do have to admit that I am much more in check when I'm logging though.

Good luck with however you decide to handle your goal weight. Being happy with where you are is the most important aspect of this journey......trust me on this one! Don't set a goal so low that you have to kill yourself to stay there. That leads to self sabotage and self hatred - again, trust me on this! You're so right, as we age so do our bodies. I'm not ever going to look like I did at 17 THANK GOD for me and I'm never going to look like a typical 17 year old - I'm almost 30 so I need to accept that and be proud of where I am - you do too!!

Keep it up and proudly wear those 10's!

Kate said...

I agree with all the ladies who have voiced opinions of spark people. I do like it, because it helps give me an overall view of nutrition, which I think is one thing weight watchers lacks, a point is a point. But that being said, it's totally a pain to input everything in there, and points is so second nature now!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You are so on the right track- Keep it up so I have someone to follow!!!