Friday, November 2, 2007

Just work the program!

Being this close to goal, it's hard to just stay patient. This morning the scale was up 2 pounds from yesterday morning. I've cut back to weighing every morning from the 10-20 times a day I was doing in the summer. It was literally part of my potty ritual, getting on the scale before and after. I guess that's a little hold over from my eating disorder days.

Anyway, the scale was up today. Was it the chicken stir fry last night? Was yesterday a fluke? I don't know...all I know is that I have to just follow the program. I have lost nearly 40 pounds that way. I haven't had any Halloween candy this year. NONE...and you know there is a ton around here. It just doesn't sound so tempting now that I am not gorging myself daily on sugar. I did have a skinny cow last night. I wanted a treat that would satisfy me...and take longer to enjoy.

I have earned 14 AP's this week, too. I did a walk/run on Saturday, then the neighbor and I have walked every morning but Tuesday this week. That's big progress for me, too.

So I just wait. Will I be below the 40 pound mark tomorrow at weigh in? I sure as hell hope so since I was only .6 from it last week. I really want to be at goal to know I have accomplished that. But really not a lot will change for me. So why am I in such a hurry?


Randi said...

patience young grasshopper. You're right, what's the hurry. You make goal, you're not going to all of a sudden be a size smaller or look younger or anything. You're not goign to splurge at an all you can eat. You're just going to work on maintenance (aka keep doing the same thing.) so just keep doing it and you know you'll be there soon enough.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I am beyond impressed at how committed you are and how well you are doing right now! I think you should take a TON of pride in that alone... And as for the scale... well, if you've consistently weighed in 2 pounds lower all week long, then you're probably just retaining water today... I weigh just about every morning and every once in a while the scale will jump up a couple of pounds... but typically it's back down within a day or two.

junkfoodaholic said...

I bet you have water gain. Just drink tons of water to day and it will flush it out by tomorrow. 40 lbs is a lot. You should be proud of that regardless of what the scale says tomorrow. (but heres hoping for at least .7 for ya;) )

Law student said...

Only the weight at WI counts so just pretend like this morning's gain didn't count. :P

I hope you see a big loss tomorrow.

Why is just working the plan so hard?!

BTW. . .I think they are collecting Halloween candy at the meeting. I don't know how your kids will feel about that tho. :P

50/50 on whether I'm going to show up tomorrow.