Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yep, that's me! What did I say about not eating crap for emotional reasons?

Not really sure why, but as the kids got off the bus yesterday, I found myself grabbing the bag of chips and munching away. I was kind of hungry and feeling stressed and just feeling crappy from my cold...I did switch to pea pods and dip, but it didn't feel the same.

I had to run one of my son's to drum lessons and I grabbed a few more chips before that. The good news though? I looked in the bag and realized the chips were almost gone. Instead of calling it a loss and just finishing them off, I decided I would NOT finish that bag of chips and put them back in the pantry. Hopefully one of the kids will eat them before I grab them again.

I listened to my body, though, and didn't eat dinner. The kids were having a box (OK two boxes, and it should have been three to fill them up) of mac and cheese for dinner. I had planned on a turkey sandwich and some cabbage salad. I had the cabbage but wasn't really hungry so skipped the sandwich. I had had turkey soup for lunch and and egg for breakfast so I was doing OK protein wise...and I'd had yogurt and string cheese for snack. So I just let it go.

I didn't go to bed hungry or wake up starved so I guess it all worked out. I finished my day using one flex point. So pointwise I didn't go over much but I didn't use my points as well as I could have either.

It's a new day and I'll try to do better. But I had to confess my chip transgressions!


Kathy said...

Have you set guidelines for what you will eat and when since you've gone to maintenance? Or do you just have a limit on the number of points per day?

The reason I ask, is that since I've gone to Core and only eat fruit, vegetables, milk, or popcorn for snacks, I have eliminated a lot of the "eating just because" behavior. When I'm wanting to munch, I have to go through that list for choices and many times I've realized that I'm not really hungry if those are my only choices. Maybe that could help you.

Law student said...

Confessions of a chip-a-holic. :)

You like chips as much as I like coffee!! Good for you for stopping. . .sometimes that's harder to do that not eating any at all. Seems likes you did really well post-chips tho.

Have a good day!

Roni said...

Don't beat yourself up! It happens!

You stopped. That's important. I did the same thing with my soy crisps last night. And you know what I'm proud for stopping and you should be too!!!

Steph said...

I too hit the chips last night - thanks for confessing so that I know I wasn't alone - LOL! Maintenance is a whole new game and sounds like you really have a handle on it. I applaud you for listening to your body....I also envy you for being able to hear that voice - I'm still working on that part! :~)

Amber said...

I think you have done a great job and shouldnt beat yourself up either, a few extra chips wont hurt too bad as long as its not an every day event:)

Great job on your WL, keep it up!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Talk about a changed woman... just think of how differently you would have handled the bag of chips a couple of years ago... maybe finished them off and then had dinner too, even if you weren't hungry? WE all have those moments, good for you for reeling yourself in!

Candace said...

It's kind of funny that you decided 155 was maintenance and chose your goal then had a couple dips in a row. I tried Core for a week over the summer and really enjoyed it. I just like the structure of points during my work week - I actually find it harder to journal on the weekend and have been thinking of going Core on those days. My 'cheat' meal tends to be Wednesday evening after weigh-in. I usually stick to plan, but it's a cheat because I don't fret about portions and don't journal the meal. Last night I had a grilled chicken salad, some rice and soy drink - maybe not what others would consider a cheat meal, but not worrying about portions and putting my fork down when satisfied always feels great. Or at least normal.