Thursday, November 1, 2007

so far so good

It's now the day after Halloween and I have yet to eat any of the kids' candy. This morning the scale said 151.6. So close to that 150 mark.

Yesterday was a great OP day. I have really focused on eating well this week and it has felt great. Tons of water this week, too. I did have a little 100 cal pack of cookies on the way home from work. That was my treat/stress eating moment. I so want to keep this up and be oh so very close to goal at weigh in on Saturday.

I was just not in the mood for our walk this morning. The good thing about going with a neighbor at the crack of dawn is that I just about HAVE to get up and go. I know she will be waiting for me and I don't want her standing outside in the dark by herself. Yesterday we did our hilly route. I felt like I did great...we had a really great pace going. Today I was just tired and cold. At least we went, right? That's 3 walks this week and we are on planning on tomorrow, too. I really hope tomorrow is warmer.

I'm totally rambling right now, but I wanted to add that anothe of my neighbors and her coworker are joining WW tonight. I gave her the little "get your friends to join" flyer they had out last week. I also gave her my first week book to look at. I wanted her to know what it was really like. Her work (a public school) will pay for some of her fees, too. I am so excited for her! I told her to make sure they take their measurements tonight, too, so they can gauge their progress that way too. I should get a commission. This is the second person I have gotten to sign up for WW. It has worked so amazingly well for me...I can't help but think it's an awesome program.

Happy November everyone!


junkfoodaholic said...

That is awesome, I think it does helpa ton to WW together. You are so close to the 140's that is great. Way to go one your walking also, you are dedicated, whenit is cold it is hard so well done :)

CaRoLyN said...

Everyone is just so inspired by you! I can't believe you're so close to 150! Good for you! That is so great! Make sure you treat yourself to something nice when you get there!

No Where to Run ... said...

halloween is one of the most difficult holidays! not to mention, the cold is the easiest excuse to keep us from working out...thus, keeping us from our goals. keep it up girl!

Kathy said...

I can just hear your enthusiasm across cyberspace...maybe you'll be working for WW some day???

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I wish I was rockin WW like you are these days! WAY TO GO!