Friday, November 16, 2007

hard week

So I had said that this week would turn out OK after my big weekend as long as I kept it all close to my daily points all week, right?

There has been more eating out this week than I can remember in a LOOOOONG time. We just don't usually spend the money on food out. I like to cook and we just can't afford to dine out. So BIL #1 took us to pizza Sunday night. MMMMM. Monday was a great OP day. Tuesday was a good day, too. I was having some "tummy troubles" (I think it was my belly rebelling from all the pizza on Sunday). Then Wednesday we had the funeral, graveside service and then went to the family dinner at Country 2 pm when I was STARVING!!!!

I had a big salad with lite Italian dressing, a baked potato with tons of salsa and jalapeno slices, some steamed broccoli, little broiled fish fillet and some grilled veggies. For dessert, I chose a little bit of SF vanilla soft serve and a couple bites of hot fudge cake. I wasn't stuffed by any means...but I still just felt icky! D tried not to eat too much either, but his belly was really upset. When you don't eat food out too often, I guess your body just isn't used to it.

Anyway, we decided to just take it easy for dinner. Like leftovers or cereal or whatever. I didn't really want to eat and neither did D. But then BIL #2 (who is diabetic) needed to eat something. He offered to pay for pizza for us all. D ordered from a place we had never had before. I HAD to taste it, right?! It was yummy...and I had 2 squares. It was an extra large pizza cut into 20 2 couldn't be too bad right?

I was totally full after that. Yesterday I tried to do well. And I did, too. I had a great OP monring at work. I took Jack E and Kelli with me to take care of my twins. Busy day for sure! And everything I tried to eat, I had 4 little mouths asking for a bite! We got home around 2 and all 3 of us took a nap. When I woke up I was starving again. And I was alone. Big kids weren't home from school and the little kids were both asleep. That leftover pizza was calling my name.

I had 3 squares at 3 in the afternoon. But then that wound up being my dinner since I was so full. I actually stayed close to my daily points yesterday, I just didn't really make the greatest choices.

Needless to say, my morning scale reading has been all over the place this week. I have been up a lot and back down a I'm lower than my last Saturday's WI, but not as low as Tuesday morning. I'm hoping to get lots of water today and just let the chips fall where they may. This week has been completely abnormal for me so I'm not terribly concerned about what the scale says.

I need to get some stuff done around here. My twins and their brother are coming over tonight while their parents have a date night. I need to make it at least LOOK like I clean my house sometimes! LOL

I'll be back tomorrow to let you all know how my WI goes and how my leader responds to my saying I want 155 to be my goal.

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