Thursday, May 10, 2007

thursday food

Long day...but a good day. I've been battling a headache all day so I actually took a nap this afternoon. I think I'll try to head to bed early.

Here's my menu from today:

2 slices whole wheat zucchini bread-7.5

yogurt smoothie-1
piece of the babies' quesadilla-2

cut up carrots, jicama and cherry tomotoes-0
ham and Laughing Cow sandwich on lite bread-2.5
cheesy mini crisps-2

1/2 slice zucchini bread-2
some 1% cottage cheese-1

teriyaki chicken breast slices-3
sauteed veggies-1
(bell peppers, garlic, scallions, pea pods, mushrooms, broccoli slaw and spinach, counting a point only for the olive oil)

weight watchers mini chocolate cake-1
(these things are TINY but really good)

24 points used, 24 points daily allowance

YEAH me!


Kate said...

Ugh! I know all about the headaches! I've had a terrible allergy/sinus one for quite some time!

Good job on staying with in your points!

I love the WW Cakes too. They supposedly have a caramel one they just came out with, and I'm on the hunt for it!

Sonya said...

I hope your headache is better! And you did awesome!!!!!

I can't imagine how complicated eating must get when you've got to eat babies' leftovers...I'm not there yet, but it must be tricky to plan meals and count points?

1L said...

Happy Mothers Day!! :)

You should try Hostess 100 calorie cakes. I think they are 2pts. There's a $1 off coupon on the hostess webpage.