Monday, May 28, 2007


Thanks for the kind words yesterday. I knew I was being TOTALLY irrational when I was bothered that my toenails were painted the wrong color!!! Today my heart feels better about life, but my gut? That's another story!

After we went to church yesterday, we tried to hit a local farmer's market. No produce there to speak of, so we came home to grill and have lunch. I ate a bunch of flamin' hot potato chips while we were getting things ready. Then I started to feel just AWFUL. I thought it was the chips I'd had. I just had a big salad for lunch and some leftover steamed broccoli. I went to lie down later because I honestly thought I was going to throw up.

Well since yesterday everything has gone through me pretty quickly. I have stuck to bananas and bagels, but even that makes me feel naseous. I've just been resting and reading and hanging out yesterday and toady. Feeling pretty lazy, but also feeling pretty yucky.

Now I am craving something heavy like lasagne or pasta. I think my body is trying to make up for lost nutrients maybe?

Hope you all had a better holiday weekend than I!


2L said...

Possibly a food poisoning? Although that's kind of weird for potato chips. I hope you are feeling better.

I'd have some pasta/carbs if you're craving it. Sometimes that's how our body tells us what we need.

Debbie in Ca said...

I hope you are feeling better in no time! Maybe buy a weight watchers frozen meal w/ some pasta?
Try to enjoy your Memorial Day!

Kathy said...

Feel better. Sometimes I get the "I want pasta" thing and I have frozen lasagna every day for lunch for a week!

CaRoLyN said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon!! I ALWAYS crave carby foods when I am sick or just on the verge of feeling better....why is that I wonder?? I always want breads and bagels and pasta. Hmmm. Bet Dr. Oz would be able to tell us! :)
You are doing great...keep it up!

Kate said...

Sounds like you have definitely caught a bug, yuck! It's amazing the stuff that goes around, even once it does start to get nice!

The cravings definitely sound like your body trying to catch up on some lost nutrients, and maybe water!

Sure hope you feel better soon!