Thursday, May 3, 2007


So I'm realizing something about myself the past few days. I am really hungry in the morning. I am starving in the afternoon. I could really handle minimal dinner. I think I have been trying to save points for dinner, but then I am really hungry around 3. Today I actually ate my "dinner" around 4. Then I was good. I picked at the kids' fruit salad when they had dinner.

I've had some ice cream in my fridge since last night. I was OK last night...didn't have any. But it has been calling me all day. I decided as soon as the kids finished their dinner we would eat it up and get it out of here. So we did and it's gone. It's funny to me that I can have all the ice cream novelties in my freezer that I do and not be bothered, but bring in a pint or a quart of ice cream and I am over.

Anyway. I am thinking that tomorrow I may not worry so much about the amount of points I consume early in the day as long as I spend them well. I know I can be satisfied with a big ol' 2-4 point salad for dinner, so why should I be starving in the late morning and early afternoon?

here's my day in food:

english muffin with RF strawberry cream cheese-2
(I was craving that strawberry cream cheese this morning but put it on an english muffin instead of a bagel)
yogurt parfait-3.5
(nonfat plain yogurt, frozen fruit, Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch Honey Almond Flax cereal)

Luna bar-3

pepper strips-0
turkey sandwich on lite bread with lettuce, tomato, FF mayo and dijon mustard-3
honey wheat pretzels-2

WW chocolate cake-1
(bought these a week or so ago but never tried one. they are DELISH!)
10 g HoneyBees-1

veggie wrap-2.5
(whole wheat tortilla, leftover sauteed veggies, wedge Laughing Cow)
another tortilla-1
1 cup 1% cottage cheese-3
fruit salad-.5

ice cream with the kiddos-7

Nice long walk this evening and been pretty active today, too.

used 30.5 points...but with 3 AP's, I'm only counting it as 3.5 of my flex points!


CaRoLyN said...

Good Job! I always find I have better results on WW when I use up the majority of my points during the day and have a lighter supper.
Good job staying on track and counting the ice cream!! It's too hard to resist sometimes!
Keep it up! :)

Kate said...

Girl I hear the problems with the ice cream. I think Ice Cream is what got me to the point of joining WW's in the first place, haha! If I have yummy ice cream in the freezer, it calls my name, I am getting better though :)

As far as the eating more during the day, I say go for it. Eat when your hungry!

jodi said...

hi, thanks for posting on my blog - i will add yours to my daily read... we're almost at the same place WW-wise, you've done really well since december... i've started and stopped several times, plus had foot surgery but its all good... i had 145 as my goal but i'm going to see what 150 is like, my body may not want to go that far... :o)

Kate said...

Ohh, I almost forgot. Bundle Burgers are my roommates concoction. They are quite good.

You make Stove Top stuffing without the butter.

Then you take and divide ground turkey into 4 1/4lb patty's.

Put a 1/4 cup of stuffing on each patty.

Take a Can of FF Cream of mushroom soup and mix it with 1/4 cup of ketchup and pour this over the patty's/stuffing mix in a glass dish and cook until the meat is done.

It's quite scrumptious!