Friday, May 18, 2007

i ran!!!

I decided I would jog a little on my morning walk. Just as I was feeling leaner and healthier, I broke into a jog. I didn't realize that my big ol' booty would be that jiggly! LOL And I was tired out FAST! I did some alternating of fast walking and jogging (OK, I jogged 3 times for like a minute each time!) for my morning exercise. I can't believe I did it, but I did. It'll be easier tomorrow I hope. Then by Sunday I'll be able to jog like for a whole 3 minutes before I think I'll fall over dead!

So on the exercise front, I am doing well. I have eaten well this week, too. It's been a busy week with 2 big rehearsals. (D and I are singing in a premiere concert of a bunch of movie music. We are in a big choir that is singing with the CSO tonight and tomorrow.) The rehearsal nights turned into LATE bed after 12 both nights which is pretty unheard of for me. And being up and out that late makes me want to eat...junk food.

The first night we were out, D drove through Del Taco on the way home. I could have eaten a ton there at 10:30 that night. But opted for a little chicken taco, al carbon style, instead. It was a good choice...only 3.5 points and I felt like I was really having my junk food.

The second night we were out, I really wanted to stop and get another taco, but D didn't offer and I didn't bring it up. At home I still had the munchies, so I sliced some cucumber and dipped that in green salsa. Really yummy...and 0 points!

I have been pleased with myself for making some better choices the past few days. And part of it is that I have been reading the People magazine from last week, the one where there are 5 or 6 women who have lost over 100 pounds. Those articles never meant much to me until recently. I love to see how their bodies and faces are transformed. I am so interested in how they live now. What do they eat? What is their fitness routine?

It has led me to the conclusion that I eat too much. Now I know that with WW I have my daily points allowance and some flex points to use and that should all work out just fine for me. But I realized after looking at this article that these women are using their calories wisely. I don't eat a lot of meat these days...partly because I don't usually leave myself many points for dinner so I just have salad. I really do typically feel satisfied, but I know I would feel better if I used 4 points for chicken breast instead of a 100 calorie pack of Lorna Doone's and some pretzels. So I am trying to snack less and be more satisfied with just my meals. Last night I wanted sweet, so I did have some strawberries, NF vanilla yogurt and Special K. Much better choice than the chocolate low fat frozen yogurt and whipped cream I was thinking of. Not that frozen yogurt is bad. I just feel like I need to make more nutrient-dense choices right now.


Kathy said...

Like you, I try to eat more nutrient dense fare, but I'll bet, truth be known, that those "People people" have eaten a lot like us. Who's gonna admit to America that they eat 100 Calorie packs and have still lost enough to be featured in a magazine article?

1L said...

That's AWESOME!!! Congrats on your run! I'm going to start walking. . .you inspire me! :)

CaRoLyN said...

Wow you have great insight!! You truly are an are so busy with the kiddies and still find time to make the right choices!
My butt still jiggles when I run too! hahah just less of a joggle that it was about 50 lbs ago. :)

Kate said...

Congrats on the Run/Walk, I can't run, I'm envious of anyone who can haha.

I think I was also someone who used to eat way too much. I never realized why I gained weight, or couldn't lose before, it was because my portion sizes were out of control!