Saturday, May 26, 2007

busy week=end of school

This week has been so busy it seems. I feel like I have been on the run a lot...and I was just a zombie the beginning of the week. I'll explain that in a sec. A few quick things:

1) I am changing my WI day to Saturday for the summer. I don't want to deal with it in the middle of the week and it's just easy to go on Saturday morning while everyone is still hanging out watching Sponge Bob! Today? I was down


This is my lowest weight since starting WW. I guess it shows that if I do my plan and drink my water and go on my walks, I will lose. I was really apprehensive about my weigh in this morning because in many ways I have not done as well as I could have since Tuesday. Then wasn't as bad as it could have been either. I actually ate a Snickers bar on Wednesday afternoon. It's been a long time since I did that! I have tried to eat well but have just felt a little crappy all week because of:

2) I am realizing that my new birth control pill really puts a damper on all my PMS (except a little crabbiness! LOL) but I am WIPED OUT for a couple of days before I start my cycle. I fell asleep at 9 on Monday night, took a nap Tuesday afternoon, took 2 catnaps at work on Wednesday (good reason to love being a nanny for babies who nap twice a day!), was asleep early on Wednesday night, too. Then on Thursday morning...started my cycle. (So yes that means I had a great loss even with TOM!)

I have had tons of interruptions but wanted to add one more thing

3) I went to get my haircut last Sunday. I really got it cut short. I'm still deciding if I like it, but I wanted to share this part. I went to a place I normally don't go for haircuts but I needed a walk in thing. The woman that did my cut has kids the same ages as Clay and Emma. In fact, our kids had gone to preschool together from Jan '04 (when Kelli was a few months old) til last spring (May '06). That means she has seen me with new baby weight and pregnant and trying to get it all off. She is heavier as well. We always kind of bonded as the chubby mama's. You know how it is. When you are overweight, you feel more comfortable talking to the other overweight people and not the size 4 women in the room! She said last week..."Look how skinny you are!" And I am really starting to feel like it, too. I know I am not "skinny" per se, but I am not the size 1X that I used to be either.

Anyway...just had to share that someone who saw me every other day for weeks and months on end boosted my self esteem!

Now that all the kids have left the room, maybe I can add something else, too. I had signed up to do Woman Challenge, but I think I have abandoned it after one week. I was so disappointed last week when I logged all my activity and didn't get all my points since I didn't log activity for every day. I was bummed about that. My goal was to have 120 minutes of activity for the week. That meant 4 walks of 30 minutes each. I did that. But I didn't log other activity for the other days so I didn't get all my points.

That bugs me because I am not sedentary by any means. I have 6 kids and nanny for twins. According to that site, an active person takes 10,000 steps a day. I take 10,000 steps nearly every day. So my kids have come back and I'm not sure where I'm heading with this other than to say. I quit the challenge because it didn't work for me.

Kids are back. Mama needs to go! LOL


2L said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.6 is AWESOME. . .esp during TOM!!

It feels so good when someone else notices your skinnyness. What a self esteem booster! Congrats, skinny mama!! :D

Sonya said...

Way to go on the loss, mama!!!!! You are doing such a great job.

I'm debating a short haircut too...but am feeling unsure.;-)