Wednesday, May 9, 2007

good choices, bad choices

Today was going so well. I have realized the past few days that I am just not as hungry as I was a few weeks ago. It feels good to be in touch with that and be able to stop eating because I feel satisfied.

For some reason I was in the mood to bake today. I haven't baked in a while and I really like to. With all the kids, it's really nice to have a few loaves of quick breads in the freezer that we can all have for a quick snack. So this afternoon I made my whole wheat zucchini bread. It is really yummy...with whole wheat flour and ground flax seed. So nutty and grainy. My kids all love it, too, so that's good. And before that I made Blondies with the little girls. I used to LOVE those when I was a kid. They are super easy too and a fun afterschool treat for the kids.

One of the great things about having 6 kids is that when you make a big pan of bar cookies like that, they are half gone after everyone has had one and shared a few with the neighbors and a couple of friends. I did have 2 of them today, but I will probably only get one more if I'm lucky! When I was growing up as an only child, my mom couldn't have baked like that very often. We would have all been HUGE!

On to my bad choices for the day. After baking this afternoon, I didn't have many points left, but I wasn't really hungry either. I was making the kiddos sloppy joes for dinner, with tater tots and fruit salad. I figured I'd just pick at some fruit and maybe have a boca. Ummmm...I started eating tots without even thinking about it. I had eaten 2 or 3 before I even realized it. Of course I then ended up having a few more, too. I didn't think I would be that tempted by their sloppy joes, either, but I so TOTALLY was!!! I'm beginning to realize that ketchup and mustard mixed like that on a burger or in sloppy joes is totally a trigger for me. The good news is that the condiments taste just as good on a boca and 1 point english muffin, but that's not the choice I made tonight. UGH!!!

My good choice of the day? There were several really. I had a great breakfast, lunch and snacks. I indulged in a couple of blondies but tracked them. The choice I am really proud of myself for making? I had to pick up a prescription tonight at the drugstore about 1/4 mile away. I walked there to pick it up. It wasn't one of my set walking days, but I got out and took a short little walk tonight. Kudos to me!

mini bagel with RF strawberry cream cheese-4
yogurt smoothie-1

Luna Bar-3
few bites of bagel with the babies-1

cherry tomatoes and jicama slices-0
ham wrap on whole wheat tortilla-3
honey wheat pretzels-2

(just got this today and had to sample some...I'll post more about it tomorrow!)

tater tots-3
sloppy joe-6
fruit salad-.5

So I am over a lot today, but I had some not so great days last week and still managed to lose. I will jump back OP tomorrow, and look forward to getting out and walking some more. I will still lose next week.


CaRoLyN said...

Don't get leats you are owning up to your bad choices!
I say it all the time, but today is a new day with new choices!
We know you can do it!
Give youself a BIG pat on the back for the baking. I can't even stand to bake anymore, even though I used to love it. I just eat and eat and eat!!!

Kathy said...

I think back to a leader who told the story of a woman who came to a meeting and was unhappily relating that she had eaten 22 M&M's one evening and she asked her when she had last counted the number of candies she had eaten. It's all good when you are in the process of self-discovery. By this time next year, you will know countless more things that either work or don't work for you and that is great. Kathy

Maria said...

Hi Noelle! Just found your blog through your comment - it's so cute!

Six children - you're blessed (and must be very busy). My mom has four of us girls and I never know how she did it. :)

Your zucchini bread recipe and daily menu both look delicious. How do you like the Luna bars?