Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Early Tuesday morning...I should be on a walk but here I sit on my couch. UGH!!!

Yesterday was a pretty good day food choice wise. I was even impressed wtih the fact that I didn't devour my entire packed lunch on my way home from work. I just didn't feel that hungry. And really things were OK till dinner. I got the kiddos Burger King since it was Trey's actual birthday. I chose my whopper, jr, no cheese, no mayo. It's 6 points and I still had 8.5 for the night. But then Jack E didn't finish his burger...and neither did Kelli...and neither did Emma.

OK, I didn't eat all 3 of those burgers. I just had a couple of bites of each one and fed the rest to the dogs. But then I just felt bugged and irritated with myself that I would just pick at their food like that. That was my old habit that I thought I had given up. I guess not! It wouldn't have been so bad, but we ate waaaaay too much on the weekend so I have a deficit in my weekly flex points already.

I did forget my water bottle when I went to work, too, so I just was down on water the whole day. And once I am behind in that department, it's really hard for me to catch up for some reason.

So here's Monday in food:
mini bagel with RF strawberry cream cheese-4

yogurt smoothie-1
1/2 string cheese-1

carrots & celery-0
turkey wrap with lettuce, ff mayo and dijon-4
BBQ soy crisps-2

1/3 serving Honey Bees-1
ww Cinnamon sugar bar-2

whopper, jr. no mayo, no cheese-6
more bites of burger-5?

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Kate said...

I do the same thing! I think these nasty little habits I used to have finally have disappeared then I do something similar and realize they haven't. It can be so frustrating. But that's the great thing about WW's everyday is a brand new day!