Saturday, October 6, 2007

weigh in

So it was more than a pound. I gained 2.6 pounds. But I am still down over 3 pounds from 2 weeks ago. I'm good with that.

I still wear a size 10 jeans!!!


Kathy said...

Size 10 jeans...that's fantastic!
What size were you dreaming of when you started?

noelle said...

@ kathy---

Just sent this in an email to my friend who turned me onto WW

"Hey, I wanted to tell you something. I remember last winter when I bought a size 14 pair of jeans and was so excited to tell you. You said, soon you'll be in 12's and then 10's. I remember thinking I would NEVER be in a 10! Just bought a pair of size 10 jeans! And a size 8 skirt. I'm pretty excited for myself!"

I never thought I would be in anything lower than a 12...

Swizzlepop said...

It could be water gain. I have "gained" 2 lbs of water retention before. I can usually tell that it's water if my weight fluctuates that high in just a day or so AND if my clothes still fit the same though. I even went through it this week (I WI daily at home). Tues the scale said 138 and Wed. through Saturday it said 136.something. After looking at my sodium intake it all made sense. Congrats again on the new size! I just finally went back to my old size and bought some new jeans and it feels great! Keep up the great work!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Heck yes girl! You are doing awesome!!!! I love reading your blog and thinking to myself... hey, I can do that too, SHE had SIX kids and I've only had FOUR!!! :)

Kate said...

Don't sweat the gain, I'm sure it's just your body compensating for the major loss last week!

Oh, and congrats on the size 10's skinny girl!