Thursday, October 25, 2007

the flu again?

So the lentil soup sounded good to some of you? I may never eat it again since I wound up with the flu once again in the night after we had it. I'll spare you the details, but I spent the hours from midnight till noon on Wednesday making sure my stomach was empty. It was a different bug from last time though! :o) It only lasted for the 12 hours or so. I slept most of the day yesterday, went to work today and now could go to bed for the night.

I think D has about had enough of my being sick. He doesn't like it, he says. When I am sick, he says he gets crabby and sad. He did kick the kids' butts into doing a bunch of chores yesterday though. Thank goodness! And he made dinner last night. And we are having leftovers tonight. I guess my life isn't ALL bad!

I have walked twice this week so far with my neighbor. We are going for 50 minutes. I skipped Wednesday and chose puking instead as my activity. Then this morning, I stayed in bed till the last possible second. Good thing, too, since I was a little dizzy and out of it with the babies today. I actually turned on Baby Einsteins for them. Never done that before! But tomorrow we are back out there for our early walk. I was dreaming about running last night. How weird is that!?

I really want to be at goal soon. At least my WW goal of 150. I just feel so flabby and out of it these past few days. I guess it's the TOM thing. This morning I put on my new jeans, and they fit just fine...not tight at all. So why do I feel like a chubby girl tonight?

Check back with you all tomorrow!!!


Kathy said...

Feel better, Mama...I feel so bad for you!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I dunno- does the fat girl mentality EVER go away? Somehow I doubt it.

CaRoLyN said...

Oh no! the flu again?!!? After all you guys have been through? Yikes! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Don't you hate it when you get totally turned off of a food after you eat it and get sick? I hate that! It takes me month and months before I'll ever even consider eating it again!

I had a dream about running last week too. I was running all over town and it was effortless!! Maybe someday!

Swizzlepop said...

I hope you're doing better! Take care of yourself!