Sunday, October 21, 2007


I had great intentions yesterday. Then I ran to the store with the kids after Trey's lacrosse game. It was all fine and good until the checkout. Trey saw the big display of Doritos Collisions. It has two flavors in one bag. Hot Wings and Blue Cheese just sounded toooooo yummy. I thought, no problem, I'll have a few and call it a day.

I did have a the car on the way home. If I would have stopped then, I would have been happy. But the problem with junk food like that is that it's actually processed and produced to make you want more and More and MORE! And because there are two flavors in each bag, I felt like I needed to eat them in pairs. Hot Wings then Blue Cheese. But I didn't so much like the Blue Cheese flavor to end, so then I would grab another Hot Wing chip. UGH! The good news? Trey finished off the bag yesterday afternoon. Wonder if he feels as gross as I do?

My other confession? After dinner last night ("crummy" chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, pureed winter squash and a HUGE salad for mama), we cut into Emma's brownies. She made brownies from scratch on Friday afternoon. I was so proud! Watching her melt the butter and unsweetened chocolate on the stove. I was so glad that she realized that brownies are easy to make with just a few ingredients...and no box! That's my personal soapbox, sorry!

I would have been OK with no brownie...or maybe just a little nibble to get the chocolate taste. But since they were sitting in front of me? Yeah, I had that little nibble. Then I had to even out the little section where I cut off my nibble. Then another little nibble. And another. I wound up eating basically 3 brownies!!! The good news? Because I didn't have the right size pan, these were super thin...and according to the recipe, we should have had 16 brownies from that pan. So my indiscretion was only equal to 1 1/2 brownies. Thank GOD! Still not feeling great about that though.

Note to serving of Doritos or one brownie per day is adequate!

So I thought I would get up and do a walk this morning to help in the recovery process. OK, just to alleviate a little of my guilt. It was snowing!!! I thought, it's OK, I can still go. Yeah, I lasted 5 minutes, down my street and back again. It wasn't that it was that cold, it was the wet snow hitting my face that got to me. So if it clears up, I really want to go out later today.

D was given club level tickets to the Broncos game for tonight. Lucky him. We aren't even really football fans here. He's more excited to know that there is a comped buffet there more than anything else. And he can watch the game from inside so he'll be out of the snow. So if you see the game tonight, think of my dh sitting there pigging out on free food! And me at home on the couch with my kiddos...reading the same 3 books to Jack E over and over and over again.


Kathy said...

New opportunities! They really know how to market to us, don't they?

Now, me, I'd much rather be there with the kids...but I would definitely be teaching them about NASCAR and Mikey the race car grandkids know that score!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

MWAH-HAH-HAH... the EVIL pan of brownies... I know it all too well... Tomorrow is a new day though, right???

WeightBGone said...

Tomorrow is a new day and you will get off to a better start. We all go through those days where the goodies call our name.

Have yourself a wonderful week. :)

Courtney said...

Just think about how you would have eaten the chips and brownies (and probably more) before without thinking?

Where in Colorado are you? I'm in Colorado Springs :)

No Where to Run ... said...

a woman after my own heart! i hope i can feel guilty about only 1 1/2 make me want to be a better woman! you go girl!

Law student said...

I can't believe it snowed already!!

Eating + driving = dangerous (to your weight and to others on the road :P).

If you're not busy this Saturday from 6-9pm, you & the kiddies should come to my law school for "Trick-or-treat Street." Kids from the community come in costumes and get candy and play games. Good times.

CaRoLyN said...

Brownies get me every time! I can't even have them in the house or I nibble and nibble until I've eaten them all! Kuddos to you for not nibbling away the whole pan!

The Blue cheese doritos sound yucky! I hate blue cheese! But doritos in general rock my world so I probably would have given in too!