Wednesday, October 10, 2007

mexican food

UGH!!! It's one of those things I crave. Especially when I'm pregnant. I love the combo of tomato and lettuce and cheese and the crunch of chips with the creamy sour cream. yum! On Sunday we were supposed to have lunch with a friend. It didn't work out, but we decided to go to our favorite local mexican place. I showed much restraint. Had my chips and salsa. Then got a really low fat burrito and only had half of it. I had the other half on Monday for lunch.

Yesterday I was totally craving that burrito again! My FIL came into town for a quick visit last night. He offered to take us to dinner. I JUMPED on it. We really rarely go out, both for financial reasons (these kids cost a LOT to feed) and the fact that we can make better, more healthful food at home. But it really is a treat for mama! So that same mexican place has kids eat free on Tuesday nights. Just all the more incentive to go there.

D decided we should just walk. It's only about a mile round trip, and it was beautiful out. So we walked. I decided I would have my same burrito again....only eat half of it. (Funny thing is, after all my munching yesterday, I really wasn't even very hungry for dinner. It would have been the night when I had some salad and veggies and little else had we eaten at home!) And I decided to not have any chips and salsa. I'd had my fix a couple days before. I could do without this time.

BUT before we were even seated, the server brings out this plate of mushroom salsa. It's really different. It has diced mushrooms, onion, jalapeno, cilantro and lime. I LOVE the stuff. I had some. They don't always have it there, and we always ask for it every time we go so the servers all know we love it. Then I really wasn't very hungry for dinner. But I ordered my burrito just the same. Also a different thing. It has sauteed mushrooms and spinach, white rice, black beans and a little cheese. Then it's just covered in a little salsa and lettuce. I only ate about a third of it last night. And the rest made a really yummy lunch today!

I've eaten more than I should have the past day and a half, and I am feeling it. I am thirsty and just feel full right now. I DON'T have the munchies today, that's for sure!

I do think I know what part of my problem was yesterday. I was really tired. I still am, actually. (A sign that TOM is on it's way...) I finally realized that my desire to eat was just from fatigue. I rested on the couch for about 45 minutes and felt a little better. That desire to eat when I am tired is one of the things that kept me as a new mama (for an entire decade) overweight. I don't know what it is, but being tired makes me just crave carbs and my diet coke. So today, I am trying to drink water and have given myself permission to rest and hang out. Tomorrow I will have my "nanny" babies, and extra toddler, and my 2 youngest home for the day. Five kids, 4 of whom are in diapers, and 3 who aren't verbal. Should be fun!!! I think the rest will do me good today! LOL

I am still craving pumpkin-y things. I want to look around on line and see what other recipes I can find. I am making my delicata squash tonight. Hopefully that will fill a starchy void in my belly.


Kathy said...

See you got hit with the crazy spammer too!!!
Those are the things that make us eat. I try to remember to go through that list and define what is giving me the munchies when they hit me. There are times when I just need to end the day and go to bed...easier for me than you!
I love adding those Mexican flavors to salad...lettuce, tomato, kidney beans, a few kernels of corn, onion and then red wine vinegar, a little olive oil and a few shakes of a taco seasoning mix or a couple of tablespoons of salsa. Even one or two taco chips crushed on top give you that crisp it.

Kate said...

I love Mexican Food, and alot of my recipes have a "southwestern" flair to them. I think the reason why is because you can add alot of flavor without all the fat.

Although I still really miss my queso dip and chips, and my quesadillas packed with cheese and butter with a side of really bad rice and refried beans...god I miss that.

CaRoLyN said...

I think you did the best you could at the Mexican restaurant! Good for you for not scarfing down the whole borrito in one sitting. That is showing some amazing retraint! I have this weird thing about hating to bring things home with me, I like to see a clean plate at dinner! Good for you! Drink up lots of water!

Randi said...

"but being tired makes me just crave carbs and my diet coke."
or is it the other way around....
Here's the thing, even if you're all tired and lazy, that's when it counts the most. It's easy to exercise when you feel like it and eat right when you're not craving anything else. But goals are met when we don't want to do it.