Tuesday, October 9, 2007

just want to munch!!!

Don't know what my problem is today, but I totally just want to eat my way through the day. I have seriously been planning my lunch and dinner since breakfast! Yesterday we all chowed down on the pumpkin bread. The first loaf is gone and the second loaf is still in the freezer where it needs to stay for a while. I think that day of too many carbs which then led me to crave more diet coke than I've been drinking lately has me a little whacked out today.

I did make a poached egg for breakfast this morning. It was the first one I ever made. I liked it. I need to to that again I think. I also had a WW blueberry bar. And I've had a bowl of one point soup. Honestly fewer points in so far today than the past few days by this time. I've been eating bagels for breakfast. The real, big, fresh from the bakery bagels. Love them. But a lot of points and not a lot of anything else. So I'm trying a new approach to my breakfast.

But I'm hungry right now. I'm trying to stay busy till lunch then I'll try to eat something balanced and filling. Dinner tonight? Grilled pork chops, brussels sprouts, delicata squash and probably roasted potatoes.

I'm totally craving this burrito thing I had on Sunday at a local mexican place. It was a mushroom burrito...sauteed mushrooms, sauteed spinach, black beans, rice and a little cheese. I had half on Sunday and the rest yesterday. It was so yummy. Also craving the spinach salad I had this weekend. Just spinach, tomato and feta. Maybe that should be part of my lunch. mmmmm.

See what I mean? I am totally thinking about food today!


Kathy said...

When I have those days when I just want to munch, I try to stick to vegetables...raw with a little fat-free Italian dressing or marinated in a little vinegar and olive oil; cooked up in a soup; or steamed with a little lemon juice. If that doesn't satisfy me, I switch to something very high fiber like a little bowl of Fiber One and then I drink a lot of water with it which helps fill me up.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yeah, pretty much it sounds like you are totally food obsessed... Hm. Don't know how that would be! :)

I wish you could come to my meetings too... We have a riot and there are a lot of great people that I love to see in the class besides just my 5-man posse. But you probably get SO much more out of the meetings than we do.

Kate said...

Kathy has always said we are like little squirrels packing up for the winter, and I really think that once the weather turns, that is the case with me, I always want more food at this time of year.

Try chewing gum, something strong, minty or cinnamon, it seems to help me.