Saturday, September 1, 2007

quick check in

Just ran over to weigh in...I didn't stay for a meeting this morning since I have sooooo much to do and I slept through the early meeting! :P

I did finally have a loss so I am feeling good about that. I have had some much better days. BUT Thursday night was BAD BAD BAD! It was a long hard day...and it just got crazier. I didn't eat much dinner so therefore felt justified in having some ice cream. Well, you know what that means. Polished off more than a half gallon. Not my plan when I started, but I did it. Just like old times....**sigh**.

Yesterday was just crazy busy. I was on the move all day. I'm in the middle of canning tomatoes...tomato paste, tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes. I get really obsessed when it is sitting in my kitchen and end up working on it for 12-14 hours of the day...along with running kids around and trying to keep them fed.

I tried to eat well yesterday. I've done really well with water this week...until yesterday. I did just get the bare minimum in. I guzzled 32 ounces before I went to bed around midnight. Which meant I was up around 2 to pee pee. Then Kelli was in my bed crying over a bad dream at 3:30. No wonder I slept through that alarm at 6!

Gotta go get my water bath canner going!


Kathy said...

OK...I want someone to stop you long enough for us to take that Energizer Bunny Battery out of your back before you spontaneously combust!!!

2L said...

Yay for the loss! Dang woman, you are always so busy! I think you deserved to sleep in!!!